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All You Need To Know About Damiano David Net Worth, Professional Life!


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At the 2022 MTV VMAs, Maneskin member Damiano David’s electrifying performance of “Supermodel” on the red carpet sparked a sensation.

David had no trouble flashing his assets while donning chaps that revealed his posterior. MTV frequently zoomed out on the group’s performance for viewers at home as an unperturbed David partied with a group of clothed dancers nearby.

Damiano David Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Personal Life!

Maneskin’s hit energized the audience despite the special effects, maintaining the feelings. Following “Supermodel’s” peak on the Alternative Airplay chart published by Billboard, the rock group received their second No. 1 in July. The first of these was “Beggin,” which ruled for 11 weeks last year.

Damiano David Net Worth, Age, Early Life, Personal Life

Damiano David Net Worth

The estimated net worth of rock musician Damiano David, who will be 22 years old in 2022, is $8.5 million. Damiano’s job as a professional rock singer is his primary source of money. His initial claim was for $4 million, but thanks to a rising fan following and superhit music ventures, David’s fortunes grew to a stunning $8.5 million.

We can conclude that Damiano David is a millionaire and that his excellent music will undoubtedly aid in his ascent to the status of a billionaire. Among the most well-known artists in Italy, Maneskin has established a solid reputation. They triumphed at the 2020 Sanremo Music Festival.

The group achieved similar success in 2021, winning the Eurovision Song Contest. After this, Maneskin performed in the Sanremo Music Festival, an Italian television song competition, in March 2021. They were eventually victorious in the competition.

Maneskin performed in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest as Italy, still feeling good about his victory in May 2021. They competed against 38 other nations but ultimately prevailed, taking home the trophy for the overall competition with the song “Ziti e buoni.”

In 2021, David performed a cover of The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” for the movie “Cruella,” lending his voice to one of the characters. David has been lauded for his charisma and elegance.

David received accolades for being a genuine frontman in 2017 during the “X Factor” competition. In a 2017 article about his singing, he was commended for possessing a “reggae vocal timbre that allows him to effectively deal with the rock repertoire, considering the band’s musical influences range from indie rock to soul to contemporary.”

His vocal technique has been called dynamic, enabling him to sing in various styles and vocal ranges. He frequently wears androgynous clothing that incorporates hippy, vintage, and glam rock from the 1970s for his on-stage appearances. He has become another fashion icon in Italy as a result.

Damiano David Net Worth

Damiano David Early Life 

January 1999 saw the birth of David in Rome, Italy. Daniele David and Rosa Scognamiglio, his parents, are both flight attendants. David and his older brother traveled as children due to their parent’s work, which helped them develop a respect for many cultures.

David began singing as early as six years old. He met Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi in high school and grew close to them. They’d later go on to establish the band Maneskin. When he was younger, he also loved to play basketball.

He played point guard for the neighborhood basketball team, Eurobasket Roma, until 17 when he decided to focus solely on singing. He attributes his success in other areas of his life to basketball for helping him cultivate the discipline he needed.

Date Of Birth8 January 1999
Age23 years
Height5 ft 11 in(1.80 m)
Weight73 kg
Net Worth$8.5 million

Damiano David Professional Life 

David’s Maneskin audition was initially turned down because his overall aesthetic was deemed too pop. He was eventually permitted, nevertheless, because of his steadfast desire to join the band.

The name of the band, which translates to “moonlight” in Danish, was inspired by band member Victoria De Angelis’s Danish ancestry.


In 2016, the group started by performing on the streets of Room. The following year, when they tried out for the Italian version of the talent competition “X Factor,” they became well-known.

They finished second in the contest and were favored by the audience. 2018 saw the band’s groundbreaking debut studio album, “Il ballo della vita,” published in the wake of their triumph.

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Damiano David Personal Life

Since 2019, Giorgia Soleri, an Italian influencer and model, and David have been dating. His languages of proficiency are English, French, and a little bit of Spanish. He has been an outspoken opponent of racism and a passionate supporter of LGBTQ rights.

In addition to getting a tattoo of wings and a quotation about Icarus on his hip and using the pseudonym “Ykaaar” on the social networking site Instagram, David enjoys the symbolism of the Greek mythological figure Icarus. David supports A.S. Roma in the Italian football league as well.

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