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Credit Suisse: Leak of 18,000 accounts exposes criminals and politicians



Following the massive leak to a German newspaper and its global spread, the Swiss bank Credit Suisse “hosted” customers’ untold assets as a result of drug trafficking, money laundering and corruption.

In total, the leak was associated with 18,000 accounts with about 30,000 customers, while the total amount of “fees” was 80 billion euros!

Among the “elite” clients can be found the former head of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, executives of the Venezuelan state oil company, corrupt politicians and even the Vatican.

The leak occurred in a German newspaper Seddeutsche Zeitung Access to data was obtained by the International Media Federation around the world. The newspaper concluded that protecting the privacy of the customer is nothing more than a fig leaf that involves the role of Swiss banks in collaborating with tax evaders.

What does the bank answer?

For its part, the bank, in a statement, dismissed “allegations and conclusions regarding our alleged practices” and spoke of “selective information leading to misinterpretations”.

He said the allegations were largely a thing of the past and sometimes “the laws, procedures and expectations of financial institutions are very different for now.”

Although some of the leaked accounts were opened in the early 1940s, two-thirds were opened in 2000. Many of them were still active in the last decade, and some are still active today, he said. Defender.

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