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Bobby Brown Claims That Hitting Whitney Houston ‘Accidentally’ Was The ‘Worst Time’ Of His Life!!


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Bobby Brown aired 31 may 2022 night, at some stage in which the singer unfolded approximately how drugs and alcohol impacted his relationship with Whitney Houston. They usually felt that the love became strong sufficient to victory over any barrier that became installed in front of us, Brown stated. If it wasn’t for the drugs, we could be together.

Bobby Brown: Hitting Whitney Houston Was ‘Worst Time’

Brown additionally mentioned hitting rock backside while he was despatched to jail for again and again violating probation. He was arrested as soon as for DUI, and the rest of them became violations of probation for the DUI, Brown explained. It’s only a trickle of violations that kept inside the justice system. When he was arrested in Miami in 2000 for violating my probation for a DUI, my rock backside became a reality.

Bobby Brown Hitting Whitney Houston Was 'Worst Time'!!

Brown claimed he tried to live a normal life after his release from prison, but Houston continued to drink and do drugs. Brown was accused with Houston in 2003, but he said he was protecting her drug supply when he wounded her cheek and decreased her upper lip by mistake. Bobby said that he was on the wagon and no longer trying to get high, so my way of protecting her from getting high became whooping him and making sure he didn’t come back to my apartment.

Whitney was entrusted with this task. My hand went back, smacked her. That became the worst time in my existence. It became a source of obvious embarrassment for me. Bobby said that he had no intention of wrapping my arms around her, but he still regrets it.

After getting out of jail, Bobby began to over-indulge in alcohol and it has become a problem for me, he explained. Our relationship has become tumultuous. We fought hard and we cherished hard. There’s a big misconception concerning my physical abuse of Whitney.

There’s a huge false impression of me physically abusing Whitney, Brown explained. He has in no way, ever bodily hit her, um, intentionally. Whitney was given in the proper manner. His hand went back, smacked her. And, yeah, that became the worst time in existence.

Although Bobby and Whitney stayed together for some years after the incident, they broke up in 2006 and divorced in 2007. It became a surprise to Bobby due to the fact that he had the notion that we were going to subsequently get returned collectively, Bobby admitted. When he was given the papers for the divorce, he didn’t need anything. 

He didn’t fight for custody of his daughter due to the fact she had a domestic together with her mother, and Bobby left the whole thing at the table. Bobby left his cars, his houses, his money, his whole thing. If he couldn’t have it all, he didn’t need any of it.

Despite the breakup, Bobby was naturally heartbroken when Whitney was married in 2012. He fought back tears as he spoke of his affection for his existence in the book. “This was the saddest time of my life when I found out Mom had passed away,” he continued. 

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