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Big Shot Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!


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Big Shot Season 2 will have John Stamos as a coach! Perhaps you wouldn’t want to hang out with or have as your basketball coach at a prestigious all-girls high school someone who is so lofty that he throws a chair at the referee.

Throughout contrast, there’s a chance that you’ll grow to enjoy him in the course of the Disney+ series Big Shot—and not just because John Stamos portrays him. Big Shot, which is somewhat of a Mighty Ducks/League of Their hybrid and redemption story, is maybe the most surprising because despite having funny aspects.

It isn’t a comedy. David E. Kelley was a co-creator of the program.

Big Shot Season 2 Release Date 

John Stamos’ Big Shot Season 2 release date is on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, according to a Disney+ announcement made on Saturday. All ten episodes will be available for binge-watching on the day of the premiere, with the season finale being the longest at 54 minutes each, making up Big Shot’s first season.

Big Shot Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Updates!

After that, episodes ranged in duration from 43 minutes to that length. Although the episode lengths for Season 2 are still unknown, it will again have ten episodes. In addition, Big Shot Season 2 is releasing all 10 of its episodes for immediate streaming, as opposed to the first season’s weekly distribution of episodes.

You can get an exclusive look at the trailer on TVLine, which also teases a possible romantic relationship between Marvyn and Holly and reveals that the Westbrook School for Girls is becoming co-ed.

In case you’re unfamiliar: Marvyn Korn, played by John Stamos, is at the center of Big Shot. Korn accepts a coaching position at the Westbrook, as mentioned earlier, where dean Sherilyn Thomas is in charge, following his expulsion from the NCAA.

Series NameBig Shot Season 2
GenreComedy Drama, Sports
CreatorDavid E. Kelley
Dean Lorey
Brad Garrett
DirectorRon Underwood
ProducersDavid E. Kelley Productions
Lorey Stories
ABC Signature
Country of OriginUnited States
Original LanguageEnglish
Number of Seasons2
Upcoming Episode Release DateOctober 12, 2022
Main CastJohn Stamos
Jessalyn Gilsig
Richard Robichaux
Yvette Nicole Brown
Sophia Mitri Schloss
Nell Verlaque
Tiana Le
Tisha Eve Custodio
Cricket Wampler
Monique Green
Marvyn Korn
Where to WatchDisney Plus

Big Shot Season 2 Cast

Stamos, best known as “Uncle Jessie” from the Full House production, was not expected to play Coach Korn. He envisioned himself playing a more sinister role, possibly a lawyer, when he learned that he might appear in the “new” David E. Kelley show. I never did any sports. He admitted to Collider in 2021, “I’ve never played or watched sports.

Big Shot Season 2 Cast

Fortunately, he succeeded, and Kelley is happy Stamos was chosen for the position. The writer/producer claimed that the show’s brilliant performance by John Stamos as Coach Marvyn Korn, in particular, had touched the hearts of many people.

So naturally, Stamos is back for Season 2 of Big Shot, and it appears that the following Season 1 players will also be among those who join him on the court:

  • Jessalyn Gilsig portrays Holly Barrett.
  • Richard Robichaux portrays George Pappas.
  • Yvette Nicole Brown portrays Sherilyn Thomas.
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss portrays Emma Korn.
  • Nell Verlaque portrays Louise Gruzinsky.
  • Tiana Le portrays Destiny Winters.
  • Tisha Eve Custodio portrays Carolyn “Mouse” Smith.
  • Cricket Wampler portrays Samantha “Giggles” Finkman.
  • Monique Green portrays Olive Cooper.

Big Shot Season 2 Overview

Sesame Street and Breaking Bad are not comparable to the program in question. However, in a June interview, Stamos, who portrays Coach Marvyn Korn, remarked that the film is good and falls halfway. In Big Shot Season 1, Korn was not a sweetheart.

Coach Marvyn Korn arrives at Westbrook School for Girls after being sacked from a high-profile NCAA position, but things don’t go well with his new squad immediately away. He even tells one of his players that she needs to lose five pounds.

Fortunately, as he begins forming relationships with his players, Korn starts to pull himself together, changing from a taskmaster to a mentor. He even gains knowledge that will help him be a better dad to his teenage daughter who moves in and enrolls in Westbrook.

As soon as her mother—ex-wife—accepts Korn’s job in Italy. Coach Korn eventually “begins to develop into the father and husband he’s quietly secretly aspired to be,” as per Disney.


Big Shot Season 2 Plot

Big Shot Season 2 spoilers have not yet surfaced, although there is a lot of speculation about what might occur. Westbrook will continue its season as a Division II high school after it defeated Carlsbad in the season’s final game. New basketball teams and personalities will come with that adjustment and more difficult playing conditions.

Big Shot Season 2 Plot

The Big Shot Season 1 Finale revealed that Westbrook Sirens’ opponent Carlsbad will be led by Assistant Coach Holly, who nearly defeated them. Therefore, a rematch with Westbrook is conceivable, and everyone involved would be playing for a lot on the line.

Big Shot Season 2 Trailer

The Westbrook Sirens are nervous about the newcomers. This involves a new teammate and the introduction of guys to their school, as shown in the trailer. We’re getting a lot more glimpses into Coach Korn’s development.

And what life is like for the Sirens now that Westbrook is a Division II institution as we approach the premiere of season 2 in a few short weeks. Your efforts both inside and outside of this gym have an impact on all of us. Nothing typical about where we’re going. In this season 2 promo, Korn addresses the crew.

Ava, a brave beach volleyball superstar whose public outburst got her booted from her sport, is the player Marvyn recruits as part of his next scheme to become relevant—getting his team aired on ESPN. Producing is handled by Kelley, Lorey, Garrett, and Bill D’Elia.

Big Shot is a Disney Branded Television program made by ABC Signature, a branch of Disney Television Studios.

Big Shot Season 2 Where To Watch? 

The Big Shot Season 2 release date is on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, according to a Disney+ announcement made on Saturday. The Disney Plus original series, Big Shot all of its new and old episodes are only accessible through the streaming video service for US and UK fans.

The Disney Bundle and Hulu with live TV are two more ways for US customers to subscribe to Disney Plus. Disney Plus is also available globally as a standalone subscription. In addition to Big Shot, Disney+’s fall schedule features the highly anticipated film sequels Hocus Pocus 2 (September 30).

The Disenchanted (October 19), as well as the original series Dancing With the Stars (September 19). (November 24).

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