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All About Yo Gotti Net Worth, Age, Career, Sources Of Income! 


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Yo Gotti is one of the most extraordinary personalities to have achieved a lot in his life. He is a famous American singer, rapper, and music composer.

He is known for developing his own music record company, which has functioned successfully over time.

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Age, Career, Car Collection, Social Media!

He produces the best music albums of all time, and his music albums always top our billboards. He is also the founder of his music company, collective group music. 

He is the executive music producer in that company. He is known for developing a total record of 250 music albums in a short span of 10 years. These music albums always enjoy an amount of fan following.

Yo Gotti Net Worth, Age, Career, Car Collection, Social Media

He made his debut in 2003, and since then, he has only climbed the ladder of success. He is considered to be a rockstar in many ways. 

He is a storehouse of talent and has a lot of potential for him, which is entirely evident from the future amount of success he has achieved. He is the only single in America who has developed 26 mixtapes and 41 individual hits.

Many famous record companies want to collaborate with him on the development of items, and he always follows a very tight schedule due to all his commitments. The name is also known as Mario Mims. 

Full NameMario Sentell Giden Mims
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, Record Executive
Source Of IncomeMusic albums, concerts, raps
Biggest AssetsMansion in Washington
ResidenceWestlake Village, Los Angeles
Date Of Birth9 May 1981
Age41 years
Marital StatusMarried
EducationSouthwest Tennessee Community College
Spouse NameLakeisha Mims , Jammie Moses
Wealth TypeSelf-made

Facts About Yo Gotti

He was born in the year of 1981 on 19th May. He was born into a middle-class family. He had some negative experiences in his life due to which he could not concentrate on his studies initially.

He was only in his double standard when his parents were arrested because of dacoity, and this entire incident severely impacted his childish heart. His pals began to tease him when he dropped out of school.

It was only after a reasonable period that he improved himself. He got associated with all The Gangsters’ office locality, and there was a time when he spent his entire day roaming around the streets and committing petty offenses like robbery.

Because of this season, he could never complete his education and had a horrible experience in his childhood. 

But it was only at 14 that he formed a group of his fellows and began rapping on the streets. He developed Memphis in 1990 and finally worked hard to give the best rap he could ever. That is how in 1996, he finally decided to launch his album titled Youngsta on the way up.

He named his label the Crim Records Label. This was the first album he released, thereby marking his debut. This album gained a suit amount of popularity in a brief period, and finally, he became the most acknowledged rapper and hip hop star in the underground world. 

During the period between 2000 and 2006, the heat developed a lot and to a great extent in terms of the number of music albums released.

He released a lot of mixed tips in Association with the best Rappers and singers of all time. Back to life, self-explanatory, Da Dope, and Game Da Rap are considered to be his best works of all time. 

It was in the year of 2012 that he received the most significant break in the form of his first live album.

This album was directly released from the kitchen and even consisted of famous stars like Rick Ross, Nicki, and Mane.

Out of this, almost nearly 100 songs were always found in the list of US Billboard Top 200 songs. His music was phenomenal and unique in terms of the notes he used to produce. 

Yo Gotti Sources Of Income

His monthly income was around 100 thousand dollars. There were a lot of sources of income from which his income used to come over the period. The primary and secondary sources of income have been mentioned as follows:

Yo Gotti Sources Of Income


His primary income source includes the money he gets from his concerts, raps, and music albums. He gets a lot of income from collaborations with music record companies. He gets a substantial share of the profit of his own record company as an executive of that place. 


His passive income, the various endorsements, and the advertisement campaigns he participates in intake the stage. His brand value is fantastic, due to which he has become the face of many promotional campaigns.

It is essential to understand in the first place that he also gets a lot of stake from his investments. The list of the same will be explained in the following way. 

Yo Gotti Biggest investments

He has made the most significant investments in start-up companies and the stocks of different companies. Real estate, gold, and essential minerals are the primary sectors that find his investment.

He recently started investing in stocks, shares, and other types of Instruments. This is the best part of his investment portfolio which has been diversified to a great extent. 

Yo Gotti Net Worth

His net worth is around 16 million dollars. This is the latest estimate of his net worth concerning this current year. 

Yo Gotti Net Worth

Yo Gotti Houses

He owns a lavish house in Washington. He currently lives with this family in this house. However, he had made other properties to his account in the first place.

This means that he has penthouses in Manhattan and suburban areas of Washington. He has also recently purchased a farmhouse in Greenland. 

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Yo Gotti Cars

He owns an exclusive collection of cars. He has a Ferrari amounting to USD 4,50,000 and a Lamborghini worth USD 6,00,0000. He has recently purchased an S-class Rolls Royce.

This has made him much more famous. This is the best addition to the assets. 

Yo Gotti Involvement In Charity

He has indulged in charitable tasks to a great extent. It was recently, that he participated in a drive to end hunger and poverty in the United States of America. He usually sends grants to various missionaries and other charitable homes. 

Yo Gotti Milestone

His most significant milestone has been his record-breaking success with his music albums. His 50 percent of the albums top the US Billboard. Da Dope’s album occupied the top slot of the same list for 12 years. 

Yo Gotti Social Media

He actively engages on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


He often engages with his fans and gets live to interact with them. 

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