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Alexandra Daddario Backs Annabeth’s Casting In The ‘Percy Jackson’ Series!!


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After the controversy surrounding the casting of Leah Jeffries in Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians Annabeth Chase, actress Alexandra Daddario has weighed in. What a wonderful Annabeth Leah Jeffries will turn out to be! Alexandra Daddario (@AADaddario) posted the following on Twitter: The date for the event has been selected for May 10th, 2022. 

Alexandra Daddario Backs Annabeth Role In ‘Percy Jackson’ Series

In the novel series, Athena’s daughter, Annabeth, is a shrewd strategist with a curious and active mind who is always looking for new information. Since she has spent the last five years at Camp Half-Blood, she has developed a strong desire to experience life in the outside world. 

Alexandra Daddario Backs Annabeth Role In ‘Percy Jackson' Series

Percy assists her in regaining her humanity by teaching her how to survive in the mythological realm. Percy helps her reconnect with her humanity. In the books, she is also described as being of European descent.

It was more vital to Riordan to select individuals who could embody and bring to life the characters’ attributes than it was to cast people based on their physical appearance. We were the ones who completed it. It took us a whole year to finish each procedure phase correctly and find the best candidates. 

The most excellent trio that has ever existed. Leah Jeffries plays the role of ‘Annabeth Chase.’ In his subsequent remarks, he stated, “You are evaluating her suitability for this position entirely and purely based on her physical looks.” She is a Black girl portraying a character who has traditionally been described as white in literature.

On Instagram Live earlier today, Jeffries reported that her Tik Toc page had been deactivated due to bullying and harassment. Her complete social media profile was wiped from the internet to keep her from becoming Annabeth. 

There were rumors that she does not possess a Tik Toc account which is irrelevant! The film adaptation of the best-selling novel series of the same name is underway. Percy must embark on a lifetime trip with the assistance of Grover (Simhadri) and Annabeth (Jeffries) to locate it and bring order back to Olympus, which is currently in chaos. Showrunners on the show will be Steinberg and Dan Shotz.

Several fans were furious that Jeffries, a 12-year-old Black actor, was cast in the part since she does not “fit” the character, which Rick Riordan initially penned as being white in the original books, as she does. Not “match.” 

On the other hand, Jeffries was defended by both Daddario and Riordan in a joint statement made on Tuesday. Father of the Bride, Dario Daddario, sent a sweet but straightforward tweet to Leah Jeffries, the young actress who will portray Annabeth in the next film rendition of The Hunger Games on Tuesday.

In response to the ongoing controversy over Leah Jeffries’ casting as Annabeth Chase, Riordan decided to write an essay where she addressed the matter. It’s terrible that these posts have to be written, but that’s how things are.’ The Jeffries family, he claims, does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed by any element of Disney, the television show, or the production staff.

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