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Al Pacino Spotted With Mick Jagger’s Ex-Girlfriend Noor Abdallah!!


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Al Pacino was recently spotted with Mick Jagger’s ex Noor Abdallah in the Felix restaurant. This event was around an evening with the friends, including two of the most essential acquaintances of Jason and Julian. The famous actor was witnessed leaving this restaurant in Venice. This incident took place on April 9th. The news agencies of that place recorded the incident.

Al Pacino Left Felix Restaurant With Mick Jagger’s Ex Noor Alfallah

The actor was captured wearing a black button-down shirt along with a jacket. On the other hand, the actress wore a beautiful black lace top along with leather pants. The couple looked terrific with each other. But both of them were not alone in the restaurant because two more people were accompanying them. As suggested by their recent Instagram stories and post, both Jason and Julian were together throughout the dinner with the couple.

Al Pacino Spotted With Mick Jagger's Ex-Girlfriend Noor Abdallah!!

Occasion that called for celebration 

But what occasion brought these four of them together was an important question to get answered. So basically, the group of four celebrities enjoyed Julian’s exhibit “For Esme-With love and Squalor”. It was opened at a pace gallery in Los Angeles. This exhibition is expected to continue uptil May 21st. At the same time, this exhibition is famous for featuring the 13 most exclusive velvet paintings. 

The collection also included large bronze sculptures and other types of materials. All of this was quite evident from the Instagram post. This was a practical criterion of marketing that was able to attract the only audience to visit the place of exhibition and make a purchase physically.

Special moments

All four of them were able to enjoy it to a great extent. The same was evident from the pictures and the captions shared by them on Instagram. Each of them who was available at the dinner date commented in a very joyful way and expressed their gratitude for such a memorable night. All of those present personalities that night are known for their extreme socializing talent. It is the most critical and essential part of the daily schedule that they have been following since the beginning of their career.

Ways of enjoying

The kind of socialising nature that they have is evident from the Instagram portal and other social media accounts. They continuously visit different types of celebrities at the resorts and hotels. They go on dinner dates and lunch dates. 

They celebrate every single occasion of their lives. The celebration becomes quite evident because they post everything on social media and allow the public to even know about what is happening in their life. It is an effective way to generate a tremendous amount of fan following 


This event of capturing the famous personalities in the public areas can depict the glittery lifestyle they enjoy. Even a single milestone in the life of celebrities is celebrated with great pomp and show. 

That is why the public takes a tremendous amount of interest in knowing the insight into the personal life of the celebrities. These days, celebrities have entirely kept their Instagram accounts public so that they can also create a tremendous amount of goodwill in the entire industry. This is one of the most effective methods to achieve this.

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