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4 Celebrities with Inspiring Weight Loss Stories and How They Achieved It


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Celebrities often lose weight to suit their roles, look good on magazine covers, and promote brands like fashion companies. Fox News lists a few celebrities that lost weight last year, including Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell. American socialite Kim Kardashian lost weight to fit into one of Marilyn Monroe’s gowns for the Met Gala, while TV personality Simon Cowell shed a few pounds to get physically healthier.

Everyone has different reasons for losing weight. While you can look up to any celebrity for motivation, you may want to read about other stars who have inspiring weight loss stories. They can give you that extra push to do the same and get rid of excess pounds. Without further ado, here are some celebrities with encouraging weight loss journeys.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is famous for being a comedian, actor, and filmmaker. Some of his best works are Clerks (1994), Chasing Amy (1997), and Dogma (1999). Today, he continues to make films and owns a comic book store related to his works.

In 2018, Smith suffered a heart attack after performing at a stand-up comedy show. Being overweight caused this attack, prompting him to drop some pounds to improve his health. To achieve this, he adopted intermittent fasting—switching between fasting and eating on a regular basis. This method works for weight loss because it prolongs the time between eating, allowing your body to burn all the calories and start burning fat until your next meal. A common intermittent fasting practice is the 16/8 method. Here, you fast for 16 hours and eat within 8 hours. Like Smith, you can lose weight through fasting to avoid chronic diseases and improve your health.

Katie Lee

Katie Lee is a cookbook author, TV food critic, and novelist. She’s been on the shows ‘Iron Chef America’ and ‘The Kitchen’ and has written a few books, including ‘The Comfort Table’ and ‘Groundswell.’

When she was pregnant with her daughter in 2020, Lee gained more than 45 pounds. While weight gain is normal for pregnant women, she wanted to lose weight to become healthier and better care for her daughter. To do so, Lee subscribed to WeightWatchers’ weight loss programs, which enables people to practice good eating habits and reach their weight goals. The program helped her be mindful of what she ate by tracking her food intake. It also encouraged her to work out and boost her weight loss efforts. If you strive to become a healthier version of yourself just like Katie Lee did, subscribing to a program can help give you the guidance you need on your weight loss journey.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is an English singer-songwriter best known for his hits ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Too Good at Goodbyes,’ and ‘I’m Not the Only One.’

Being a celebrity, Smith is in public a lot. Thus, he’s conscious of his body image and how others perceive him. He shared that he was never one to control his eating habits, especially as a child, leading him to gain weight in adulthood. Smith approached a nutritionist who helped him eat cleaner, which meant cutting refined sugar, gluten, and dairy from his diet. He also worked out consistently three times a week, focusing on weights and cardio. Smith is still on his journey to self-acceptance and losing weight significantly aided his efforts. Take it from this singer to eat cleaner and exercise regularly to improve your confidence.


Famous singer-songwriter Adele has won numerous awards, from Grammys to Brit Awards. She’s one of the best singers to date, with iconic hits such as ‘Rolling In The Deep,’ ‘Hello,’ and ‘Someone Like You.’

Adele started her weight loss journey because she wanted to feel better in her body and reduce anxiety. Many believe that her main lifestyle change to lose weight was switching to the Sirtfood Diet, a low-calorie diet that cuts out sugar, processed food, and full-fat dairy. These dietary components are major contributors to weight gain, so avoiding them significantly helps you lose weight—along with exercise. Adele does circuit training and intense weight-lifting exercises to support her dieting efforts. Like Adele, you can remove excess sugar and dairy from your meals and do intense workouts to lose weight and feel more confident in your body.

Weight loss requires hard work, discipline, and consistency. When you’re having difficulty sticking to your weight loss plan, look up to these celebrities for inspiration to reach your goals. If you liked this article, read more of our posts here at Chamberlain Sun.


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