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WWE Raw Delivers an Unforgettable Post-WrestleMania Spectacular


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The Monday Night Raw episode following WrestleMania 40 was must-see television for any WWE fan, as the company pulled out all the stops to deliver an event worthy of the biggest weekend in sports entertainment.

Headlined by Cody Rhodes’ emotional celebration after his historic victory in the WrestleMania main event, the April 8th edition of WWE Raw was packed with surprise debuts, shocking returns, and high-stakes matchups that left the WWE Universe buzzing.

The show kicked off with a rousing ovation for Triple H, who thanked the Philadelphia crowd for making WrestleMania 40 the greatest in history. He then introduced the new Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes, who was visibly overwhelmed by the outpouring of adulation from the passionate Philly faithful.

As Rhodes addressed the crowd, recounting his journey to the championship, he was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of The Rock. The electrifying former champion made his presence felt, engaging in a war of words with the notoriously antagonistic Philadelphia crowd. Despite their initial hostility, the fans eventually gave The Rock a begrudging respect, chanting “this is awkward” as he posed with both the WWE and People’s Championships.

The segment between Rhodes and The Rock went on for nearly an hour, teasing a potential future clash between the two megastars. As The Rock departed, he left Cody with a cryptic message, saying “Don’t break my heart again.” This tantalizing development has set the stage for a blockbuster showdown down the line.

But the excitement didn’t stop there, as WWE delivered a series of stunning surprises throughout the night. The first came in the opening match, as NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov made a shocking debut on the main roster, squaring off against the legendary Shinsuke Nakamura. Dragunov’s raw intensity and technical prowess were on full display as he overcame Nakamura in a hard-hitting affair, earning a thunderous ovation from the Philadelphia crowd.

Next, the always-unpredictable R-Truth crashed the celebration of Judgment Day, the villainous stable led by Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. Truth proceeded to team up with the returning John Cena, as the duo joined forces with The Miz to take on Judgment Day in a thrilling six-man tag team match. The crowd erupted when Cena made his entrance, and the team’s eventual victory over the dominant Judgment Day only added to the feel-good atmosphere of the night.

In another standout moment, NXT’s Roxanne Perez made her main roster debut, defeating Indi Hartwell in a singles match. Perez’s new heel persona, coupled with Michael Cole’s masterful commentary highlighting her training under Booker T, helped establish her as a force to be reckoned with on the Raw brand.

As for the night’s main event, a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match took center stage, with the winner earning a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In a hard-fought battle, Jey Uso emerged victorious, outlasting Ricochet, Bronson Reed, and Drew McIntyre to secure his spot as the new number one contender.

The raw energy and excitement of this post-WrestleMania Raw was a marked departure from the often underwhelming episodes that have followed the industry’s biggest event in recent years. This time, however, WWE delivered an unforgettable show that left fans clamoring for more.

The ratings certainly reflect the audience’s enthusiasm, with the April 8th episode of Raw drawing 1.784 million viewers, a significant increase from the previous week’s 1.729 million. This uptick in viewership underscores the impact of the countless surprises and high-profile moments that defined this must-see edition of Monday Night Raw.

Ticket sales for the event were also impressive, with the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia reporting a capacity crowd of 20,248 in attendance. This sellout crowd served as the perfect backdrop for the evening’s festivities, feeding off the energy of the wrestlers and adding to the electrifying atmosphere.

In terms of individual performance, the night’s winners and grades paint a picture of an exceptionally well-executed show:

Ilja Dragunov’s dominant victory over Shinsuke Nakamura earned a solid B grade, showcasing the NXT UK Champion’s tremendous potential on the main roster. The Awesome Truth and John Cena’s six-man tag team triumph over Judgment Day was a clear standout, receiving an A grade for its sheer entertainment value and the crowd-pleasing return of the legendary Cena.

Roxanne Perez’s debut win over Indi Hartwell was a highlight as well, with Michael Cole’s strong commentary helping to establish the new heel persona of the young NXT star. While a B grade may not seem overly generous, it’s a testament to the high caliber of the night’s other matches.

And in the main event, Jey Uso’s elimination of Ricochet, Bronson Reed, and Drew McIntyre to secure the number one contender spot was a thrilling conclusion to the evening’s proceedings. The hard-hitting, fast-paced nature of the match earned it a solid B+ grade, leaving the WWE Universe eager to see Uso challenge for the world title.

As the dust settles on this unforgettable post-WrestleMania Raw, the WWE Universe is left with a renewed sense of excitement for the company’s future. The strategic mix of established stars, emerging talents, and shocking surprises has breathed new life into the flagship Monday night program, setting the stage for a must-see stretch of episodes in the weeks and months to come.

From Cody Rhodes’ emotional championship celebration to the surprise debuts of Ilja Dragunov and Roxanne Perez, this Raw broadcast delivered on every level. It’s a testament to the creative vision and execution of the WWE production team, who have clearly learned from the missteps of past post-WrestleMania shows.

With the promise of a potential showdown between Rhodes and The Rock looming, as well as the ongoing sagas of Judgment Day, Roxanne Perez, and the new number one contender Jey Uso, WWE Raw is poised to continue its momentum as must-see television for the WWE faithful. This is the kind of event that reminds fans why they fell in love with sports entertainment in the first place, and it has set the bar remarkably high for future post-WrestleMania episodes to come.


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