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Wordle 266 Mar 12 Hints: Struggling with Wordle today? Three guides to help get an answer | Games | entertainment


Wordle 266 is now available on the New York Times website. The latest Wordle puzzle is available within the next 24 hours, after which it will be replaced by a new word puzzle. If you’re struggling to solve Wordle 266 on March 12th, Express Online has put together a selection of three spoiler-free guides to help you guess the answer. Good luck with Wordle 266 on March 12th, and check back on Sunday for new hints on the next Wordle puzzle.

You probably already know how to play Wordle, but if you’re new to the game, here’s how it works.

The game starts with an empty grid, and players are given six chances to figure out a different five-letter word each day.

When you guess a word, the letter tiles will appear in one of the three colors. If the square turns gray, the letter will not appear in the word you are guessing.

If the tile turns yellow, then the letter you guessed is in the word, and not in the correct position. If the tile turns green, then the letter is in the word and in the right place.

If you really want a challenge, Wordle features a hard mode, which prevents players from guessing which letters have already been left out.

It’s a great game, although if you fail to solve the puzzle, you will have to wait until the next day for a new Wordle to be released.

Read on for Wordle 266 tips for March 12th…

General tips and advice about Wordle …

• Do not use the same letter twice in your opening guess.

• Try to use a couple of vowels in your first guess, especially “a” and “e”.

• Avoid letters such as “X”, “Z” and “Q” until later, when you have a better idea of ​​the answer.

• “CRane” is a good word to start with, while “GHOUL” is a decent second guess.

• Check out Express Online’s daily tips below…

Wordle 266 hints and clues…

1. Wordle 266 contains two vowels.

2. Wordle 266 begins with the letter “T”.

3. Don’t worry if you miss Wordle 266, there is always tomorrow.

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