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War in Ukraine: UN referendum on Russia – How the world is divided


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The United Nations strongly condemns the attack V. Of the Russian Federation. UkraineIt also demanded that the Russian Federation “immediately stop its use of force against Ukraine” and “immediately, fully and unconditionally withdraw all its troops from the country’s borders.”

These were included in a resolution approved by a majority in the UN General Assembly on Wednesday afternoon. Of the 193 member states, 141 voted in favor, 35 abstained or did not vote, and 5 voted against – Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria.

Strong news – US diplomatic victory

The decision made is not legally binding, but it is important. Richard Cowan, director of the International Crisis Group, said: “This is not going to stop Russian forces from continuing their offensive, but it will be a great diplomatic victory for the United States and all those who have associated themselves with them.”

After all, for the first time in 40 years the Security Council has decided to send a crisis to the General Assembly and it is the 11th time.The Unusual UN after 1950

However, the world “map” created after the referendum shows that Russia is “not completely isolated” according to the West, and that it still has significant bases, albeit limited room for maneuver. , At the diplomatic level, despite financial constraints.

China, India, Turkey

In fact, those who want to vote without voting against Russia China, India and Pakistan, the three countries with a population of over 3 billion – the latter two, in fact, belong to the ranks of democracies. In particular, India’s position, in fact, seems to have “hurt” the United States, not only in its confrontation with Russia, but, above all, in its rivalry with China.

Moreover, as everyone knows, even some of those who voted in favor of the resolution refuse to accept the sanctions imposed by the West and its allies on the East. It belongs to this category Turkey (Closing the Phosphorus Strait is currently inappropriate), which continues to bet on its relationship with Russia and Mexico, the largest country in Central America.

All of the above shows that the new “Cold War” camps have not yet been systematically created. Nevertheless, at some point the room for maneuver is narrow for everyone who knows who to go with and who to leave.



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