War in Ukraine: Ukrainians welcome coffins with their dead soldiers

War in Ukraine: Ukrainians welcome coffins with their dead soldiers

The video of Ukrainians welcoming coffins with dead soldiers has gone viral on the internet.

As hundreds of Ukrainians kneel and carry lighters and candles in the early hours of the morning, a human chain has formed on the street, left and right, to pay tribute to the war dead in the war with Russia.


“Ukrainian forces hold control of key areas”

Meanwhile the President Volodymyr ZhelenskyMore than three weeks after the start of the Russian offensive, Ukrainian forces have promised to retain control of key areas of the country that have been occupied by Russian forces.

Ukrainian troops responded to any action by Russian units, the head of state said during a recorded message uploaded on the Telegram site in the early hours of the morning.

He assured Ukrainian forces that they would not abandon those living in cities such as Mariupol (southeast), Kharkiv (east) and Chernihiv (north), which were besieged by Russian troops.

“From the army to the church, everyone is doing what they can for the Ukrainian people,” Zhelensky said, chanting “you will be free.”

In his speech, he thanked US President Joe Biden for the “new and effective” help he announced.

He promised to reduce bureaucracy for merchants and provide interest-free loans in the midst of war.