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War in Ukraine: Hell of a Night in Kharkov and Kiev – Russians Bomb Important Infrastructure


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Especially important tonight is predicted for its future Of UkraineThe strategically important city of Kherson may have come under Russian control as Russian forces attacked the country’s central cities of Kiev and Kharkov at the last minute.

It turns out, The Russian page Seeks to use the brutal and deadly force of military aggression as a lever of pressure, encircling and attacking major Ukrainian cities, A few hours before the unexpected meeting of the two sides.

The Russians’ progress, which aims to occupy the most “important” cities in central and eastern Ukraine, seems to be accelerating in recent hours.

Attack on a large power plant in Kiev

On Wednesday night, a Russian attack took place near a railway station in Kiev, striking a large power plant.

According to Zhereshenko, adviser to Ukraine’s foreign minister, “our anti-aircraft forces shot down a Russian fascist ship missile, targeting one of the command bases.”

“The debris from the rocket’s impact caused damage to the central heating plant, but the damage will be repaired by morning.” If the rocket had hit a target somewhere in Kiev, the number of victims and the scale of the disaster would have been terrible.

Strike rockets hit the Voxala area in the Voxala area, destroying a large temperature. Асть # KievCan be unheated.# Kiev # Kiev # Kiev # Kiev Ukraine # Russian extremist government # Russia-Ukraine war # Russia # Russia Ukraine # Russia-Ukraine conflict # Russia Ukraine #Russiastronagrasser pic.twitter.com/UVEsLWvjsc

– Ukraine Novosti / Ukraine War (@ukrainenewstop) March 2, 2022

The moment the rockets hit # நோமு # வோக்சலு c # Kiev.# Kiev # Kiev # Kiev # Kiev Ukraine # Russian extremist government # Russia-Ukraine war # Russia # Russia Ukraine # Russia-Ukraine conflict # Russia Ukraine #Russiastronagrasser # Rossisco_vdorgeni # Rossiastranadorist #Terrorism # உக்ரைனாவோய்னா pic.twitter.com/RCufoFkrpq

– Ukraine Novosti / Ukraine War (@ukrainenewstop) March 2, 2022

Attack on factory and government building in Kharkov

At the same time, Russian forces attacked Kharkov, an area where a factory is located.

V. # Hargoway Beaten in the district # Prayer Names # செவ்சென்கோ.#Harkov pic.twitter.com/1ClasXgoyO

– Ukraine Novosti / Ukraine War (@ukrainenewstop) March 2, 2022

However, Ukrainian media reported that the rocket attack on a government building in Kharkov was related to the security of the country.

# Ukrainian Telegram channels report two missiles #Russian The invaders attacked the headquarters # Kharkiv Regional Security pic.twitter.com/cllQoguLZ3

– Nexta (nexta_tv) March 2, 2022

Is Kerson in Russian hands?

As for Kerson, who is said to be under the complete control of Russian forces – which the Ukrainian side has denied all day – a post by the city’s mayor suggests that the city may have fallen to the Russians.

Igor Kolikhov wrote, “Today the city council had armed ‘observers'” and “we have no Ukrainian armed forces in the city, only citizens and people who want to live here.”

Kolikov wrote that Moscow forces had imposed a curfew from 20:00 to 06:00 (local time), announcing that cars with food, medicine and some other supplies would be allowed to enter the city.

He said cars in the city should go at “minimum” speeds and pedestrians should not be allowed to travel in groups of more than two people.

“The Ukrainian flag is above us. To stay longer, these demands must be met.” At this time I have nothing else to say, “Kolikov said.

Source: BBC

They revolve around the central cities

The general picture is that Russian troops are moving to encircle “major” cities in southern and eastern Ukraine, even condemning Russian attacks on Ukrainian hospitals, schools and other non-military targets.

“Russia has destroyed hundreds of vehicles, infrastructure, homes, hospitals and kindergartens, and more than 2,000 Ukrainians have already been killed, including those serving in the security forces,” the state emergency service said in a statement.

“Today the main efforts of the rescuers are aimed at rescuing the people. We were able to keep more than 150 civilians alive, extinguish more than 400 fires caused by enemy fire and evacuate more than 500 people from these areas. Pyrotechnics neutralized 416 explosives.”


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