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Vladimir Putin: War if Ukraine joins NATO


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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Raised the possibility of war between Russia and NATO Ukraine Join the coalition and then try to reclaim Crimea from Russia in a really military way.

Broadcast by Russian today“If NATO allows Ukraine to join the Alliance of its member states, it will be catastrophic,” Putin said.

Russia “thrown”

Russia was “thrown”, once they promised not to improve its infrastructure NATO Vladimir Putin said there was not even an inch to the east.

“I would like to reiterate our behavior and the logic of our proposals (for security guarantees): we know, they promised that they would not advance NATO infrastructure even an inch east,” everyone knows, “the Russian president told a news conference after talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“Today we see where we are in NATO, in Poland, in Romania, in the Baltic states. Some said, some did.” As people say, they ‘threw’ us, that is, they deceived us, “Putin said.

The Russian president expressed confidence that dialogue on Ukraine would continue to avoid “negative situations”, including war.

He explained: “Suppose Ukraine launches these military operations from its membership in NATO. Should we go to war with the NATO camp? Has anyone thought of this?”

The Russian president added United States And NATO, in response to Russia’s proposals for security guarantees, ignored Moscow’s basic demands.

He said the French president could visit Moscow soon. Emanuel Macron, Which raises the issue of security guarantees.

“Yesterday we agreed with the French president that he too may come to Moscow in the future.”

Putin and Macron had a second, most recent phone conversation on Monday. This was preceded by January 28th.


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