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Ukrainian crisis: smells like gunpowder on the Ukrainian border


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One is cold, one is hot. A mitigation, A Ignition exists in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Something like a Scottish shower. Yesterday’s bombings in eastern Ukraine were an undeniable setback, especially in the midst of a crucial moment. That the Ukrainian military blamed the separatists Bombed a village in the Luhansk region, Attacked the kindergarten. High Representative of the European Union Joseph Borel In fact, the EU condemned the attack in a written statement. The Russian separatists simply responded by claiming that they had fired first. As they said in their statements, the Ukrainian forces were open They were shot four times.
His representative Vladimir Putin, Dmitry PeshkovTalked about the “increase” of the situation Donbass Referred to as eastern Ukraine and “enormous strike capacity of Ukrainian forces.” Mutual accusations Indicates climate. Joe Biden reiterated that the risk of a Russian attack was “too high.” The Kremlin has personally accused the US president of escalating tensions and responding to US proposals on security issues.There was no Russian invasion of Ukraine, But that too was not planned. China has also taken a stand, indicating that Washington is acting aggressively. “NATO expansion is an issue we can not rule out About the tension in Ukraine. “Continuing expansion after the Cold War is against our time,” said one Chinese ambassador. Moscow announced the expulsion of their deputy ambassador USA in Russia. Washington called it an “unprovoked act.” Russian Foreign Minister It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

American Secretary of State Anthony Blingen He went to the United Nations headquarters to attend a meeting of the Security Council of Ukraine. “I did not come here to provoke war, but to prevent it. However, Blingen noted the imminent Russian offensive. “Our information makes it clear that Russian forces, including those stationed on the urban border, are preparing to launch an attack on Ukraine in the coming days, including ground and aircraft.” He also called on Russia He makes it clear that he does not want to be invaded. Finally, he said he had already sent a letter to his Russian counterpart to meet next week. For its part, Moscow accuses the United States of spreading false information about the attack. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltberg has expressed concern about Russia’s potential provocation, which could lead to a general conflict. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also sees the provocations. There is also concern at the UN. The United Nations General Assembly will convene in Ukraine on February 23.

Preceded it Communication of Russia That he would withdraw a portion of the troops lined up on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Westerners say this is not the case, according to satellite programs at their disposal. “We do not see any significant withdrawal of Russian troops,” he said Secretary General of NATO. The US Secretary of Defense was still adamant. “We see the Russians bringing in more warplanes, fighter jets and support aircraft.” We see them increasing their readiness in the Black Sea; We see them increasing their blood reserves. “The British Foreign Secretary did the same. Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom “It simply came to our notice then President Putin “. This is a map depicting the movements of Russian ground forces in two phases.

The American media also published pictures of the construction of a floating bridge over the Belarus River, four kilometers away. From Ukraine.

Meanwhile, rumors circulated that smoke had appeared on his embassy. Russia in Kiev. Ukrainian officials said they were Because confidential documents were destroyed.

For her part European union Says it is ready to send a strong message to Russia in the event of an invasion. The set of obstacles has already been decided. They also expressed support for Ukraine’s regional integration, but did not mention Ukraine’s involvement in NATO, which disappointed the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zhelensky. He said this in an interview with Germany Built newspaper. “Although Ukraine has wanted for years to join NATO, the process has not progressed,” he said. He added, “Russia is not the only opposition to our merger. Some private NATO members support Moscow’s position. It is a common secret.”

For his part, he said, “Ukraine does not need foreign Allied forces on its border to confront Russia.”
Nikos Dentias’ meeting with him will take place in the midst of the crisis His Russian counterpart. “Particular attention will be paid to security guarantees in Europe and Russia’s proposals in the context of Ukraine.” This is the fifth private meeting between the two ministers since 2019. The meeting was mentioned by the Greek Prime MinisterBut also in the Greek community of Ukraine.

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