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Turkey – This is not a superpower, but Erdogan is not alone


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The “isolated” theory TurkeyAlmost everyone hates and “provokes Tayyip Erdogan“Only a few want to have a partner, a spokesman and a partner, which is very common in our time – especially in Greece.

But is that so?

Unfortunately, without thinking too much about the above, the truth comes to deny those who accept it hastily. Not only is Erdogan’s Turkey isolated today, but it also has diverse alliances that seek to make the best use of it.

Problematic economy, but …

Here, for example, is what is happening in the economy, which is undoubtedly not at its best: the pound may show signs of stabilization in recent days, but its exchange rate remains very low against the dollar and the euro, while Erdogan’s “trick” does not seem to be caught by government guarantees. It is rising to 36%, and analysts believe it could reach 50% in the first half of the year, further reducing the purchasing power of millions of Turks.

However, Turkey’s support is gone, so that does not mean it is on the verge of a complete collapse – however, there is not much evidence to support Erdogan’s overconfidence. Heaven on his comrades.

The Replace with Arabs

In fact, Ankara’s honeymoon with the United Arab Emirates – one of its fiercest rivals to date – was with another yesterday பரிசு Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan’s gift: transfer agreement securing $ 5 billion for Turkey’s central bank Exchange bill “hard” foreign exchange Possibility.

This amount is included in the respective agreements signed by Turkey (with China, Qatar, South Korea, etc.) totaling $ 23 billion, which provides valuable breath during this difficult period. In fact, it is not ruled out that others will follow suit, as it negotiates with other countries, such as its close ally Azerbaijan.

At the diplomatic and geopolitical level, the picture is even clearer. Turkey’s influence is so great and important that even countries with a history of hatred and conflict, such as Armenia and Serbia, make sure to get along well with it.

Are the traitors Armenians or Serbs?

The case of Armenia is certainly remarkable. Insulted by the Azeri in the recent Nagorno-Karabakh war, largely because of Ankara’s support, its government has not hesitated to begin talks with the Turks (last week in Moscow) with the ultimate goal of restoring bilateral relations.

The case of Serbia is also interesting. In particular, its leader, Aleksandar Vuτςiτς, not only visited Turkey this week, but also Belgrade: Bosnia. Herzegovina gave Erdogan (a return from Albania) a key role in the very “sensitive” front. The Republic is on the verge of collapse due to the autonomy of Srpska.

Ukraine is another example of Turkish influence and “expansionism.” Ankara’s close ties with Kiev are expected to improve further Erdogan’s representative announcedIbrahim Kalin, In the coming weeks – in the midst of the culmination of the crisis with Russia.

Putin et al

Not only that: Moscow and Putin, while clearly dissatisfied with the Turkish positions on this front (such as fitting the Ukrainian military with drones and denouncing the annexation of Crimea), emphasize the strategic nature of their relations with Turkey. More and more sectors – weapons and energy, trade and tourism.

At the same time, there have been growing signs in recent years that there is something “cooking” going on with the two countries that Erdogan was “on the knife”, Egypt and Israel. In fact, it is undeniable that we will soon see significant improvements – even new promises of friendship and cooperation.

Finally, for the greater “soldiers”, the United States and the European Union, things are complicated but clear: neither the Americans nor the Europeans want to completely “split” with Turkey or risk an economic collapse. , Which is threatening. We need to turn it into a wider Libya.

Is there anyone who still believes that all this is trivial and that Erdogan’s Turkey is isolated?

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