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Top NewsTodd & Julie Chrisley Sentence Date Gets Extended!

Todd & Julie Chrisley Sentence Date Gets Extended!


After being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion, Todd and Julie Chrisley have been given one more month to prepare for their impending sentence of up to 30 years in jail.

It has received court records stating that the sentencing date for the “Chrisley Knows Best” performers has been moved from October 6 to November 21.

Judgment Date For Todd & Julie Chrisley Has Been Postponed!

The Chrisleys, who were convicted in August of this year, have asked for a new sentencing hearing and have filed a joint motion for a new trial on the premise that a witness “lied” during the first trial in the spring.

In their petition on August 24, the Chrisleys said that “IRS Revenue Officer Betty Carter lied about just the Chrisleys owing taxes in years when she knew no taxes were owed” and that the government “provided and failed to address false testimony.”

Judgment Date For Todd & Julie Chrisley Has Been Postponed

The sentence of Todd and Julie Chrisley has been postponed for one month. The sentencing date for Todd and Julie Chrisley has been delayed for one month.

  • After the verdict in their $30 million fraudulent trial, Todd and Julie Chrisley will have numerous other court hearings to prepare for, including a deadline to apply for a retrial.
  • Us Weekly has learned that Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, have engaged new attorneys to supplement those already representing them in court. 
  • These new attorneys join Bruce Howard Morris, Christopher S. Anulewicz, and Stephen Michael Friedberg. The reality stars’ request to add attorneys Zachary C Lawson and Joseph Alexander Little was granted on June 22 after a hearing earlier this month.
  • Todd and Julie Chrisley, who was found guilty of $30 million in fraud at trial, face many more court hearings and a retrial deadline.

Us Weekly has learned through court filings that Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, have retained the services of new legal counsel in addition to those of Bruce Howard Morris, Christopher S. Anulewicz, and Stephen Michael Friedberg.

The reality stars’ motion to add attorneys Zachary C. Lawson and Joseph Alexander Little was granted on June 22 after their trial hearing earlier this month.

“No one knows what’s going to transpire or what to undertake at this time,” the source said. Until Todd and Julie find out their sentence in the autumn, they will have to put any plans on hold. It is devastating information since they had not anticipated being found guilty. This event was the turning point in their lives.

They Shall Thus Keep Trusting In Our Lord and Savior, Julie Chrisley Says

Sending positive vibes of courage, optimism, and love your way. They appreciate everyone who has been there for us and remains at our side. They haven’t yet won this battle.

Julie Chrisley
  • July 2022

The family has been given until July 21 to submit their requests for judgment of innocence and a new trial. In June 2022, they got court documents indicating that Todd and Julie had asked for a postponement because they needed additional time to compile “essential” transcripts and their court sessions to support their case.

  • It will be August of 2022

The transcript of the pretrial session that took place on April 14 will be made public in one month.

  • September of 2022

Following their conviction on all charges, Todd and Julie retained new counsel. They were given until September 29 to provide “any more facts for the court to examine” in conjunction with their sentence.

  • October of 2022

Three days before their sentence, the two must provide “the identification of any witness” in advance of their testimony. On October 6, Todd and Julie will appear in court to receive their sentences. Each of them may get up to 30 years in jail.

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After remaining silent about the judgment, the businessman finally spoke about it in a monthly podcast session. Currently, “it’s a terrible, devastating period for our family,” as Todd put it. Still, they are unwavering in our belief in God and his ability to do miracles, so they continue to put our hope in him.

In addition, Savannah Chrisley shared her thoughts on the verdict and its implications for her parents.

They are all just trying to get through this horrible world.

You will always defend your loved ones and seek redress for wrongs done to them. The 24-year-old TV star pleaded for “justice for us and those that the system has failed” in an Instagram post. To God, they feel like they have been praying nonstop and getting nowhere.

But they have faith that He will use every trial and test to make us stronger and ready for a more critical mission.

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