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Thor: Love And Thunder: Thor Builds An Army To Battle Gorr In New Trailer


Right before a few days left for the release of the much-awaited Marvel film,  Thor: Love and Thunder, the studio of the highly anticipated has recently launched a mass D-5 trailer for the film. The die-heart fans are all in a happy mood by the newly released trailer.

 Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi, has now taken over every attention before the release with a short but strong trailer. The film will surely get tagged under the list of blockbusters. The brilliantly made trailer is a must-watch one for sure!

Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer, Release Date Revealed

In the newly launched trailer,  Chris Hemsworth, the Thor is all seen packed with full energy and is getting himself ready to raise an army. In the very same clip, it’s seen that Thor is appealing to the Gods, and he undoubtedly declares an epic fight with the menacing villain, Christian Bale, the God Butcher,  who initiated the fight with the Gods.  

God Butcher, the villain has set the battle against all Gods as his family was taken to death by some God, which is the mystery part of the film that later gets unwrapped.

Thor Love And Thunder Thor Builds An Army To Battle Gorr In New Trailer

The Gorr, who is the God Butcher initiates a battle with the God of Thunder. In the short fight scene, it seems that Thor lights up the electric blue thunder against Gorr, which is all shot from his power stick.

In another scene, Thor is powering himself up to defeat Gorr by saying his powerful words, which is, feel the power.

The film’s trailer is hitting the Internet by delivering a keen look at Bale and Hemsworth. The short trailer even included all the key characters in the film. Every character is seen at a glimpse and it surely took the trailer just to another end.

The new Thor: Love and Thunder film is the 4th release showing the real power of Thor. In this new release, Thor is meeting up with his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster and is returning to her.

Jane has even shown in the trailer during the fight scene of Thor with Gorr. In the same scene, it seems that Thor is getting surprised by seeing her real powers which were not seen earlier in any other Thor: Love and Thunder release.

Valkyrie, Thor’s close buddy was briefly shown in the trailer. She seemed to play a great role this time and is parallelly working with Thor to fight against Gorr. She was riding her winged horse which is white and she forcefully threw a sharp blade at an enemy who was seen far away. This scene reflects the depth of the war, and it showcases the fact that war was waging. 


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