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The main suspect was a security guard at a resort where a 3-year-old child went missing


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In revelations about the missing main suspect of the little one Madeleine, Inside Priya da Loose, In 2007 he made a new documentary for the German television channel SAT.1. According to the documentary, 44 years old Christian Brigner, He is considered a key suspect in the disappearance and is accused of raping her while working at the resort. Ocean Club As a guardian. Brigner “Continued repair work” As a security guard, he is said to be well aware of the resort located in and around Algorve, Portugal, based on data. The Cell phone S, the new analysis shows, was “Not more than five minutes” From the Ocean Club when the little girl went missing. However, the Brigner Argued while talking to the investigative journalist of the documentary Judah Rabe He then used the base van in which he was staying to distribute drugs. In the letters they exchanged he asserted his innocence and classified it as absurd. “Like starting a nuclear war or slaughtering a chicken” The idea that he kidnapped Madeline. Admits to having done Drug trafficking, But the police say they do not like him, “he said.He followed some basic principles. “” I only drove during the day, and if possible, the hippie van in my crash should not be diverted. I only drove on the roads I needed to “, Explained that he did not want to challenge the police. In any case, the Brigner He did not consider any reason to comment on the allegations against him Brownsweek, As “Theoretically, he could sit back and relax and wait for discoveries.”

German prosecutors believe he was responsible for the disappearance

However, the Police He has been publicly named as the main suspect in the 2020 case. Evidence shows he made a half-hour phone call near the apartment. McCann. German prosecutors believe he was responsible for the boy’s disappearance. However, despite a serious investigation, no charges have been filed.

Authorities believe Brigner confessed to kidnapping a friend. A team of German investigators led by the public prosecutor Christian Walters, It is certain that he killed Madeline.

The documentary makers say they saw old records of conversations between a 44-year-old man and a sex offender in 2013. At his home in southern Germany, he was the one who was conducting the funeral. “Regular customer “ Brigner and “exchanged material” with each other.

Brigner wrote about his pedophile fantasies and wanted to capture them.
After being sentenced in 2005 to seven years in prison for raping a 73-year-old American pensioner at her home in Priya da Luce, she is currently being held in a high-security prison in Oldenburg, near Bremen in northwestern Germany.

They believe his guilt, but there is indirect evidence

German lawyer Voltaire Brigner said last year that they were 100% sure of his guilt. However, the information they collected was implicit.

He said prosecutors had no evidence that Madeleine was dead, that they did not know how he died, and that they had no evidence that he allegedly killed Brigner.

We have no body and no DNA, but we have other elements. Based on the data we have, we will not lead to another conclusion. She has no hope of survivalHe had said.

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