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Tension in the open: “I will not tolerate personal conversation about my report – open geography”


Developments with him War in Ukraine And the discussion at the open show about the various groups involved in the conflict ended in tension between the channel’s correspondent in Rostov, Danasis Avjerinos, and Ambassador to Berlin, Pontellis Valasopoulos.

Thanasis Avjerinos cited the testimonies of residents The Azov battalions were not allowed to leave Mariupol“I would challenge you to report the testimony of a person who was in Mariupol as something else,” he insisted.

“People living in Mariupol are well aware of what the Azov Battalions are and what they have gained over the years from the occupation of Mariupol by the control of these people. The problem in the region is that Azov’s battalions are no longer obedient to Kiev, so there can be no corridor agreement. “Kiev Azov can not order the nationalists, the people are now living in their own world,” Agernos said, noting the lack of agreement on humanitarian corridors.

For his part, Valasopoulos said, “There are different teams out there, and the problem is how everyone sees it.”

“Russian soldiers are Chechens, he opened up geography,” “Look, Chechnya is a Russian province,” Acerinos replied.

“Anyone who wants to challenge the elements of my statement should state it with arguments.”

“Some very strange people are involved.” Some people in Mariupol must be naughty, the Azovs, the Russian army has not been able to do them well for two weeks.

Augerinos later commented, “If I had leveled it, we would not have talked about civilians. Anyone who wants to challenge the elements of my statement should say it with arguments. History of the Ukrainian Civil War since 2014.” I have been following in. Some colleagues have been involved very recently. I ask that you give a little more respect to what everyone knows about their reporting. I will not tolerate personal talk about my own statement. Be careful what colleagues say. Let me be clear, the Spartan group has a left-wing ideology, and Donetsk declared itself a democratic democracy because many of its creators had a Soviet culture. “One of his logics is completely anti-fascist.”

“What they say about being left-wing seems to be that in practice they do not,” Valasopoulos replied with avjerinos, “can you refute Pontellis by arguments?” Who knows Motorola? “

The editors then intervened and lowered the tone between the two journalists.


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