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Steven Seagal Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2022?


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Steven Seagal caught everyone off guard; however, it wasn’t because of his performance in a recent movie! The actor traveled to Russia and was seen in a prison where Ukrainian soldiers were imprisoned after a bomb occurred.

Who Is Stevan Seagal? His Net Worth, Bio, And More!

The actor, who styles himself as a Buddhist, has a long history of affinity with Russian President Vladimir Putin and was granted Russian nationality in 2016. He earlier characterized Putin’s takeover of Crimea as “quite rational” and the president as “one of the world’s finest contemporary statesmen.”

Steven Seagal Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2022

He has backpedaled on his support for Putin since the outset of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, stating in a recent interview that an “outside entity” was to blame for pushing the two countries into conflict.

Steven Seagal’s Bio

Steven Frederic Seagal was born on April 10, 1952, in Lansing, Michigan, the son of medical technician Patricia and high school mathematics instructor Samuel Seagal. His mother was Irish, while his father was Jewish. He relocated to Fullerton, California, with his parents as a five-year boy.

Seagal was sickly and asthmatic before the relocation. He frequently listened to loud rock music in his garage as a teenager. However, he was inspired to go to Japan while working with a kind older Japanese man in a dojo in Garden Grove.


Seagal started pursuing other endeavors, including acting in Hollywood action movies, while leaving his colleagues in charge of the dojos they had founded. As a result, Seagal began building valuable Hollywood connections, which enabled him to secure positions as a martial arts coordinator for the movies “The Challenge” and “Never Say Never Again.”

His debut film role was in “Above the Law,” directed by Andrew Davis and released in 1988, which achieved success in the box. The box office success of his earlier films contributed to his reputation as an action hero. The 1992 movie “Under Siege,” also directed by Andrew Davis, was his big break into the mainstream. The picture went on to gross $156.4 million in total. 

Full NameSteven Frederic Seagal
Popular NameSteven Seagal
Born OnApril 10, 1952
Age70 years
Net worth16 Million
ProfessionActor, Screenwriter, And Martial artist

With the film “On Deadly Ground,” Seagal became his first director role in 1994. Because it focused so extensively on spiritual and environmental themes, the movie in which he also had a supporting role represented a change for him.

Reviewers panned it, but Seagal regards it as a pivotal point in his profession. He resumed his filmography with “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory,” a sequel to his most successful film, “Under Siege,” which premiered in 1995.

With the 1998 film “The Patriot,” which he produced on his own and shot on and around his Montana farm, he transitioned to direct-to-video work. Except for “Machete” (2010), all of his cinematic work since late 2001 has been distributed on direct-to-video (DTV) in North America.

Seagal has a background in television acting in addition to his film work. In 2009, he featured in the A&E reality series “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” and in 2011, he developed and appeared in the 13-episode show “True Justice.”

Endeavors, Apart From Action Hero

Seagal, who plays the guitar, has also had a music career, with some of his songs playing in his films. He has two albums, both of which incorporate songs by artists such as Stevie Wonder and Tony Rebel.

Seagal Enterprises is the company he founded. In 2005, the business advertised a sports drink called “Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt.” He has also advertised items like aftershave and a line of knives.

He joined the newly founded Russian firearms company ORSIS in 2013, where he promoted the enterprise and lobbied on their behalf for the US to loosen trade restrictions on Russian sporting firearms. 

Steven Seagal’s Net Worth

The martial artist has a net worth of $16 million. Segal would be jubilant with films like Under Siege, which had a global box office of $156 million.

One of his most expensive homes is in Arizona and is worth around $3,500,000. The vast estate is on extensive grounds and blends with the Arizona setting.

Personal Life

Seagal has seven children from four different partnerships. He and his first wife, Miyako Fujitani, have two children. They divorced when Seagal abandoned her in Japan and returned to the United States.

He was temporarily married to actress Adrienne La Russa in 1984, but their marriage was canceled. Kelly LeBrock, an actress, gave birth to his daughter in early 1987, and the couple married later that year.

Before getting divorced in 1994, they had two more kids. He later married Mongolian dancer “Elle” Batsukh, with whom he has a son.

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