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“Sorry, we did not know we were going to follow criminal orders,” said a Russian prisoner.


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They were taken prisoner and they said they were sorry for the pain caused to the Ukrainians. Three Russian pilots He admitted to following criminal orders to spread the death. Reason for talking to Lt. Col. Maxim Kristop, Major Alexei Kolovensky and Alexei Igorovich about the events that led to the attack on targets between themselves and civilians in Ukrainian territory. In particular, one of them answered the question of the ERT ambassador in Kiev. “What is your message to the Russian troops fighting against the Ukrainians so far?How stressed “My soldiers do not know the purpose of my orders. I have no idea what is going on in the international political arena. I only know the orders I take. I can only assume that they want us to occupy Ukraine. I do not understand the reason, for me it is useless.

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“Because I stayed in hospitals and heard the sounds and sirens of the shelters when the bombing started. It was in the city and not in the perimeter or military areas.” All military operations took place in the cities. He added the second of three Russian pilots. “I hope they will listen to me. I have already been here for seven days. They treat me well, no fascists, no neo-Nazis, no anti-Russian people.” People here still speak Russian. “He added.

As they said, they themselves asked to give an interview to the media and apologized to all Ukrainian citizens. “I want to speak to the Ukrainians. I apologize to the mothers and fathers of Ukraine from the bottom of my heart. From those who lost their children to the Russian invaders. They are innocent citizens.”The third pilot insisted.

The three Russian pilots, who were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems, said their leadership had assured them that Ukraine air defense was weak and that all their anti-aircraft systems had been paralyzed.

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21,260 new cases – 49 died and 361 infiltrated

“They locked my car with GPS and they handcuffed me, dressed as police officers,” says Kiparisis of his abduction.

“It’s not like Mariupol anymore, it’s reminiscent of Aleppo,” says the city’s deputy mayor

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