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Saweetie Reveals That She Struggles With Mental Health Due To Work Schedule


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As of the year 2021, Saweetie has not lost any of his prominences as a successful recording artist. She launched her debut album “Pretty Summer Playlist Vol. 1” and appeared on Doja Cat’s big single “Best Friend.” Last month, the Bay Area rap musician received two Grammy nominations for 2022. In the categories of “Best New Artist” and “Best Rap Song.”

This year has been hectic for her, and she recently shared that she has been experiencing mental health issues. This is because of her tight work schedule and the fact that her tiny staff necessitates that she put in extra hours.

Saweetie Reveals About Mental Health, Rumors, And More!

Saweetie is the latest musician to speak up about dealing with mental health concerns like anxiety, but she’s taking the necessary measures to get better. My approach is to take each day as it comes. She explained, “Sometimes I can’t look at my calendar on my weekly plan because it will give me anxiety. The recognition makes me feel like all my hard work is paying off.

She recognizes her good fortune and is appreciative of her opportunities, but she finds it difficult to keep up with the astronomical pressures of her career.

Saweetie Reveals That She Struggles With Mental Health Due To Work Schedule

It’s like I eat, sleep, and breathe music and business,” she continued. Because my team is so tiny, I often find myself filling roles that someone else will own in the future, but for the time being, I’m the one who has to pitch in.

“Right now, it’s just a matter of striking a balance. I can’t keep my equilibrium. I have no way to decompress from the constant stream of work in my life. Sorry, but I don’t see a counselor. Because I work so much, I seldom see my pals, so I’m simply trying to tough it out till the New Year.

She is able to relax during the holidays in preparation for a comeback in the new year. Saweetie wants to spend the holiday in a warm climate.

A deep breath and a stress dump, the “My Type” rapper announced. Since I work so hard, it’s important that I take some time to assess my performance and consider how I could improve for the coming year. There must be a middle ground.”

Saweetie Reveals About Mental Health, Rumors, And More!

She went on, “My body doesn’t feel well, and I feel like I’m being run down to the ground.” It’s really trying, and I’ve had a few nervous breakdowns as a result, but it’s good to be recognized since it shows that my efforts are appreciated. The wait for her debut album, Pretty Bitch Music, will soon be ended, as the January 7 release of an EP named Icy Season will satisfy fans in the meanwhile.

The 2022 Grammy nominee Saweetie, whose single “Best Friend” is up for best new artist and best rap song, has stated her desire to become a billionaire so that she may devote her wealth to charitable causes. She said, “It breaks my heart to watch artists, particularly women artists, complaining about their mental health online. “Like, we’re working so hard, and it’s crucial to take care of our mental health, because if we’re not healthy, we can’t get any work done, and if we can’t get any work done, there won’t be any music.”

“So it’s absolutely a domino effect, and if I can get some investors before I become a billionaire, developing a health resort for celebrities and public people, sports, entertainers, is like one of my key ambitions,” she continued.

Saweetie Career Beginnings

She never imagined that her music would take off and make her a household name. Her cover of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” with a rap performance quickly became popular online. Suddenly, she was everyone’s favorite person on the web.

The 2018 EP titled “High Maintenance” by Saweetie was her debut release on a big label. It featured the songs “Intro,” “B.A.N.,” “Agua,” “Good Good,” “Icy Grl,” “High Maintenance,” “23,” “Respect,” and “Too Many.” Her relationships with the individuals in her life were the focus of her album “High Maintenance.”

In the same year she became famous, she was featured in an ad for Rihanna’s cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. Then, “Warner Bros. Records” signed her.

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Zaytoven, her cousin, was a music producer. She went on to provide products to numerous tracks on her debut big EP, High Maintenance. Hassan, Cash Money AP, and Saweetie herself all contributed to the album’s production.

She said in an interview she had been working on unique material while recording her debut EP because she hoped people would recognize her for her talent. In Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF” (remix), Saweetie made a brief appearance.


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