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Russia claims to have used supersonic missiles


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The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that ultrasonic missiles had been used. Kh-47M2 Kinchal Wind – Floor (Their nickname means “punch”) To destroy the underground warehouse of ammunition for missiles and aircraft In western Ukraine.

The Russian news agency Interfax reported that radio communications equipment and intelligence centers near the port of Odessa had been destroyed.

Ultrasonic missiles are designed to perform complex maneuvers throughout the aircraft and reach speeds of up to 10 mAh. Demolishing them is impossible today From any air defense system, at least according to Moscow.

Their use in the war in Ukraine Made for the first time, Broadcast by state news agency RIA.

The Reuters news agency reports that these announcements could not be verified independently.

Two main Russian ways For the attack in Kiev To prevent CNN reported, citing information from the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also claimed responsibility for the killing of a Russian lieutenant general Andrei Mordvicev. If the information is true, he is the fifth Russian general to be killed on the battlefield.

Source: ΑΜΠΕ – skai.gr

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