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Who Is Richard Chamberlain? Net Worth Height, Wife, Wiki, And More Updates!


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In the early 1960s, Richard Chamberlain rose to the top of the television heartthrob rankings. The thin, butter-haired hottie who played the impossibly attractive Dr. James Kildare had the distaff fans swooning unceasingly during the length of the series. He had the almost perfect Ivy-League charm and a sophisticated, educated attitude. Although this setting would seem ideal for any rising star, Chamberlain experienced a severe, disturbing identity crisis due to it.

Richard Chamberlain is one of Hollywood’s most adaptable actors and is hailed as the “King of the Miniseries.” Shogun (1980), The Thornbirds (1983), Wallenberg (1985), and the original screenplay for The Bourne Identity are just a few of the dramatic and famous plays in which he has acted (1988). Shogun was a nine-hour miniseries based on James Clavell’s best-selling novel set in 1600s Japan.

Is Richard Chamberlain Still Alive?

The second child of Elsa Winnifred and salesman Charles Axion Chamberlain, Chamberlain was born in Beverly Hills, California, in 1934. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School in 1952, Chamberlain enrolled at Pomona College (batch of 1956).

Richard Chamberlain

Chamberlain is notorious for an incident during his undergraduate days in Pamona. It was their annual Art Festival, and guests from prestigious institutions were in attendance. All of them had gathered on a big lawn when something or someone emerged out of nowhere on top of the school’s main building.

It had to be Chamberlain! People noticed this handsome young man lowering the school flag before they could figure out what he was up to. People were even more surprised to find a fluttering piece of Chamberlain’s attire in place of the school flag. And Chamberlain stood on their naked chest, enthralled with his infamous victory, making everyone scream! In addition to being a gentleman and a model, he was also known for his gentlemanliness.

NameRichard Chamberlain
Age88 Years
HusbandMartin Rabbett
Richard Chamberlain Net Worth$20 million
Richard Chamberlain Height1.85m
Richard Chamberlain Weight160 Pounds
Hair ColorBlack Color

Richard Chamberlain originally aspired to be an artist but switched to acting after doing well in Pomona College’s theatrical plays. He was cast as Captain Bluntschli in George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man during his final year at Pomona, and he brought down the house on a college level, which inspired him to change careers. Chamberlain joined the U.S. Army after receiving his bachelor’s in arts from college, where he served for 16 months in Korea and advanced to the rank of sergeant. Richard abandoned painting when he returned to Los Angeles and decided to pursue his acting goals instead, working with acting teacher Jeff Corey.

Richard Chamberlain Professional life

At 23, Richard co-founded the renowned Los Angeles theater company Company of Angels. During Alfred Hitchcock’s Presents, he made his first guest appearance on television. He subsequently started making a dozen cameo appearances in well-known American TV shows, including Gunsmoke, Mr. Lucky, and Riverboat, in addition to acting in his debut feature film, The Secret of the Purple Reef.

Richard Chamberlain

Dr. Kildare, the part that catapulted Richard to stardom, almost didn’t happen. His high school classmate George, whose father worked in the film industry, worked as the MGM executive’s assistant. The first time George saw his photo in a player’s book, he was curious about what he was doing. Richard accepted an invitation to a general interview and was then selected to play the lead in the disastrous western pilot “Paradise Kid.”

When George finally located a young doctor Kildare in 1961, after a long search, he removed the pilot from beneath the vault and recognized right once that Richard was the ideal candidate for the part. This was Richard’s big break. Twilight of Honor (1963) with Joey Heatherton and Joy in the Morning (1965) with Yvette Mimieux were two feature films Dr. Kildare appeared in between his time on NBC’s Dr. Kildare from 1961 to 1966.

He was a successful actor, and thanks to his flawlessly melodic voice, he also had a successful singing career. A vocal rendition of the theme song for Kildare Three Stars Will Shine Tonight that he had also recorded achieved top ten success.

In 1969, Richard dared to put his acting skills to the test on a classical stage by performing in the title role of Hamlet for the Birmingham Repertory. He played in British repertory theater. With the encouragement of the director, Richard consented to take on the role of Hamlet at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Is Richard Chamberlain Still Alive

Being in an English area and appearing sufficiently remote from the London haters gave Richard the impression that he was safe. Richard, however, learned two days before the performance that all the reviewers would be flying to Birmingham to give their reviews of this American TV attractive boy outsider who was going to England to perform Hamlet. But despite his initial trepidation and inhibitions, Richard succeeded, and his performance was well-received.

He demonstrated his ability as an actor by playing two very different roles in The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams on Broadway in 1976 and Cyrano de Bergerac. Richard continued to show off his acting range by playing the title part in Norman Rosemont’s highly regarded television movie The Man in the Iron Mask (1977). He followed this with Peter Weir’s The Last Wave, in which he played a young Sydney barrister named David Burton. In 1987, he went back to Broadway to co-star with the late Geraldine Paige in Blithe Spirit as socialite and author Charles Condomine.

Richard received an offer to play Henry Higgins in the Broadway sensation My Fair Lady (1993-94). Before the musical debuted on Broadway, he spent the first eight months of its national tour touring with it.

Richard Chamberlain Net worth 

Richard Chamberlain is indeed a $20 million net worth American stage and movie actor and vocalist. He gained notoriety in the middle of the 1960s as a youthful, blue-eyed heartthrob. The general public is aware of Chamberlain’s primary income source. His acting and singing careers made him well-known. His monthly income at the time was as high as $200,000. And his yearly compensation might reach $2 million.

Richard Chamberlain

Mr. Chamberlain, a longtime resident of Hawaii, abandoned his house and traveled back to the sparkling lights of Hollywood. According to property records, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Rabbett paid $3,500,000 for their oceanfront home in the tranquil Kihei area of Maui in October 1999 via a trust. Records also show that the original home was considerably smaller and less luxurious when purchased than it is now. The existing home was designed and built over four years, finishing in 2005. According to the listing description, the Wiseman Group in San Francisco and Mason Architects in Honolulu are credited with designing the house.

According to property records, the current two-story gated home is a sizeable 6,179 square feet and sits on a. 57-acre land with more than 100 feet of coastline commanding Keawakapu Beach. According to listing materials, there are six bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms on the property, distributed between the main home and the carriage house.


The main home is said to have two master suites—perhaps his and his—two other bedrooms with private bathrooms, a powder room, and two extra bedrooms. Two extra bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, an art studio, and laundry facilities are part of the 1,980-square-foot loft space. The vehicle court, shaded by palm trees, opens into a double-height entry designed to surprise visitors.

It has limestone floors, a floating staircase made of large wood blocks called a dee-voon, and a thin, hardly noticeable bronze handrail. Although we love a Bird of Paradise and Your Mama (the name of the property) is down with the extensive but incredibly lightweight black and red Alexander Calder mobile that hangs in the doorway. However, we get the creeps from the round table with the sextet of curving legs and the fish-shaped wood bowl/vase/planter thing. The spacious “formal” living room is separated into two spaces opposite the front door. The limestone floors and a glimpse of the seaside entice visitors inside.

Richard Chamberlain Personal life/Relationship

For most of his career, Chamberlain kept his homosexuality a secret to maintain his privacy and acting possibilities. The homosexuality of Mister Chamberlain, a man who made both men and women swoon with want and other outrageous impulses, was revealed in 1989 by a risqué French journal. However, he did not publicly come out as gay until his autobiography Shattered Love, published in 2003. Early in the 1970s, Chamberlain got romantically connected with actor Wesley Eure.

Martin Rabbett, a performer 20 years his junior, and Chamberlain started a committed relationship in 1977. In the 1986 movie Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, Rabbett portrayed the central character’s brother. Chamberlain. In 1986, they performed a secret wedding and moved in together in Hawaii. Chamberlain moved to Los Angeles after the couple amicably split up in 2010. Rabbett and Chamberlain, he claimed in an interview from 2014, “don’t continue living around each other now, and we’re far great allies than we’ve ever been.”

In addition to performing, singing, and painting, Richard is passionate about environmental issues. For example, he had made arduous efforts to safeguard the Tuolomne River, which flows from Yosemite National Park in California to Sacramento, California, and in Washington, D.C. His work was instrumental in getting the river included in the National Wild and Scenic System, which now preserves it.

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