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Reactions to strengthen NATO presence in the country


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The Bulgarian politicians Continued to comment on the reports Thursday, according to The NATO Let’s ask that Bulgaria I acknowledge the increased Allied presence in its territory due to the concentration of Russian troops on the border. Ukraine.

The Chairman Roman Roman He said he expects a crisis Ukraine Should be resolved through negotiation, and not with arms, and in parliament, the smaller party Vasrajthane (Renaissance) Read a statement emphasizing accepting NATO’s increased presence in Bulgaria “Treason”.

I’m waiting Crisis in Ukraine It needs to be resolved through further dialogue and diplomatic means. “, President Ruman Radhev told reporters. ⁇It should be clear that the result was increased tension [έπειτα από μια αμοιβαία στρατιωτική συγκέντρωση] It will destabilize not only our region but the whole of Europe. “The crisis in Ukraine will not be resolved by the use of violence or intimidation, it will not be resolved by more weapons and more military force, but by dialogue and more diplomacy.”, The head of state insisted. He clarified that at present no one is asking anything from Bulgaria.

Report of the Minister of Defense on fire

Minister of Defense Stephen Janove He said, for his part.“The decisions taken by NATO are decisions on which Bulgaria participates on an equal footing.”It is fundamentally wrong to say that someone should do what we do and that we should execute someone’s command.He argued. The Feedback was asked after writing a post Facebook Sent his additional troops on December 21st NATO Inside Bulgaria This is unreasonable because, at this point, there is no reason for Russia to view these processes as a direct threat to the alliance and its security, and such a discussion could lead to increased unnecessary tensions in the region. . A day later, Prime Minister Grill Petkov stressed that “D.This issue has not been discussed by the Cabinet or our partners. Reports on the matter did not necessarily reveal the personal opinion of the Minister of Defense and the official position of the government.. The On Thursday he confirmed that the Bulgarian government has not decided on the matter and noted that the situation does not justify comments and there is no need to speculate on what might or may not happen. He declined to comment on Petkov’s claim that no minister has the right to express his own views on issues related to Bulgaria as a whole. ⁇When the time comes for this matter to be considered in the Cabinet, the opinion will be unanimous. Said Janev. He denied that there was a difference of opinion between him, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister on the matter.

Nationalists vow to oppose “national treason.”

“Vasrajtane opposes the deployment of more NATO troops in Bulgaria and insists on suspending the agreement on joint Bulgarian-US military installations in the Bulgarian territory.” Elena Gutseva, a Member of Parliament, stressed the Nationalist Party in a statement read Thursday.

The Vazrazhdane Argued that ““No one has asked the Bulgarian people whether they want to be a member of NATO or whether there should be US troops on Bulgarian soil.” “No one has asked us if we want to become a front against Russia or any other country.”, Added Kutseva.We feel that some Bulgarian politicians have relied on foreign embassies, but history shows that there is no excuse for treason. The Bulgaria It must defend its sovereignty, and this can only be done by an independent and strong Bulgarian army. “Those who are reluctant to feed their army are obliged to feed the foreign army as they already are.” Vazrazhdane further stressed.

The parties all insisted Bulgarians Politicians expressed their determination to defend the sovereignty of their country and not to become traitors, in resisting “the last (chronological) series of treason by any means”.

On December 21, the Bulgarian newspaper “24 Sassa” He cited evidence that the United States was pressuring Bulgaria to accept at least one permanent arrangement. 5,000-5,500 American soldiers Have to carry from Germany. Replacing a fortified U.S. force could exceed the three-month time limit for stationing U.S. troops on Bulgarian soil. Alternatively, the enhanced presence of NATO war groups could increase military presence in Bulgaria and Romania.

Asked by the newspaper, Prime Minister Grill Petkov said, “Troops have not been discussed in detail yet.” ⁇“I want to emphasize our strong belief that the best way to support the policy of the European Union and NATO on our eastern borders is through peaceful and diplomatic means.”, The Prime Minister said a day later.

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