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“Putin is crazy, the shelves are empty,” says a woman in the suburbs of Kiev


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Before Russian invasion, Pila Cerfka was a suburban town, ideal for those working in Kiev. Now, this city 200,000 people Russia has the tragic privilege of orbiting missiles against the capital from the Black Sea. For the second time in an hour, a siren sounds in a distant city 75 km southwest Of Kiev. ⁇This is a warning: turn off the gas and electricity, pick up a box of medicine, food and water and go to the nearest shelter.“In Ukrainian, a voice is heard over the loudspeaker of a supermarket.”The shelves are empty, they are bombing, rockets are falling from the skyJulia Iwatsuk, a mother of two, leaves the store and regrets the emptiness. ⁇My baby has no lactose-free milk. What else will happen? Not sure if you want to know“, Says the 45-year-old woman. Some rockets Fell at the airport and factories in the city. Over the weekend, houses under construction on a piece of land near the Rose, a tributary of the Dnieper, were leveled.

Here, no one understands why this is happening and why Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Putin goes crazy and does insane things“, Says Sergei Zambozny, another customer of the supermarket.He behaves strangely, and people are afraid that he will push the nuclear buttonSaid the 63-year-old businessman.

Kiev has been cut off from the rest of the country on three sides: fighting has erupted in communities in the north and west, and roads to the east have been blocked by Russian tanks and landmines. The only escape route to the south and the city’s distribution with food and fuel.

In Pila Serfka, people now fear that Russian tanks stationed in the west will soon occupy the city.

Everyone is worried. We hear sirens several times a day“, Says Andriy Zalezniak.We have already been beaten ten times. It is difficult to calculate all the eruptions. We have the feeling that every day is the sameHe continued to help clear the rubble of one of the three houses destroyed in the weekend attack.

Russian warplanes are often heard flying in the area. Along the way, people show each other shots of hand-fired rockets fired by their cell phones.

Zalezniak said Family of six The occupant of one of the three houses was fortunately not there the night the missile fell. “Everyone would have been killed,” said a friend, Bokton Remoney.

Today, The Bila Cerfka It looks like he’s getting ready for war. In the largest supermarket, there are many more items, and the shelves with milk are empty. Liquor road closed. Liquor sales were virtually banned across the country when the government decided to allow the public to take up arms to create a new force of volunteers.

Long queues form at banks and grocery stores.

In contrast to Kiev, There are no checkpoints Or sand-filled sacks and weapons to guide traffic at intersections. So far, in Bila Serfka and in Kiev before the arrival of the Russians, some residents are confident and courageous. “If they come here tomorrow, they will not go any further,” said one student, Bogdan Martinenko, who smoked in a parking lot with his friends. ⁇We have defensive units, police, our men. We all know, (Russians) do not dareSays with a smiling face.

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