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On the third day, the ISIS-Kurdish war breaks out in Syria: more than 90 people are killed


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The conflict between the organizations has been going on for the third day in a row Islamic State And Kurdish forces In northeastern Syria. At least 90 people have been killed and thousands of civilians displaced. Clashes erupted on Thursday night with attacks by Islamic State militants against the Cayenne prison. Jihadists detained in Syria And is guarded by Kurdish forces. The jihadist group claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least 28 members of the Kurdish security forces, five civilians and 56 Islamic State militants. Release of jihadi prisoners, According to Rami Abdelrahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

ISIS prison break-up in Syria is turning into insurgency. They seem to control part of the prison and nearby streets. SDF is struggling to regain control. The public is coming out. This is how it started in 2013-14 pic.twitter.com/B1ypPf7keK

– Liz Sly (LizSly) January 22, 2022

The Islamic State was defeated in Syria in 2019 by Syrian Democratic Forces with the support of the International Coalition, and thousands of jihadists have been detained in Kurdish-controlled areas of northern and northeastern Syria. However, the jihadist organization is thankful for carrying out the bloody attacks Cores in Hypnosis.

The latest attack, the largest since the 2019 defeat, targeted a prison in Hasake city with 3,500 Islamic State suspects and members of the group, the watchdog said.

During the attack, The Islamists seized the weapons According to the same source, the prison was found in an armory.

Hundreds of prisoners were able to escape, but were arrested, but dozens escaped, the surveillance report said.

The prison is surrounded by Kurdish forces with the support of the International Coalition Air Force.

Public exit

The civilians were evacuated by the clashes, which forced them to flee their homes in the bitter cold.

“Thousands of people have fled their homes in prisons and fled to neighboring areas where their relatives live,” said a spokesman for the Kurdish administration in the semi-autonomous region.

Syria: Nearly 90 people have been killed in three days of fighting between Kurdish forces and IS in Syria: Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish forces clashed again in northeastern Syria on Saturday, killing at least 90 people in a major jihadist attack. pic.twitter.com/KVJPSQtjeO

– worldnews24u (@ worldnews24u) January 22, 2022

According to Nicholas Heras of the Newlines Institute in Washington, D.C., “Escape from prison is the best way to regain power for the Islamic State, and the Quran’s prison is a good target because it is overcrowded.”


Many Kurdish-controlled prisons were originally schools, so they were not suitable for long-term detention.

According to Kurdish officials, approx 12,000 jihadists from more than 50 national races Are imprisoned in their prisons.

According to Abdelkarim Omar, the Kurdish administration’s foreign policy chief, the Islamic State’s attack on the Koran prison was “due to the inability of the international community to accept its responsibilities.”

The Kurds are demanding the repatriation of thousands of imprisoned jihadists, mostly European nationals, but most of the countries they target are reluctant to deport their citizens.

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