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Nicos Phyllis’ dramatic appeal to student vaccination


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The head of SYRIZA’s education department addressed the dramatic appeal for children to be vaccinated, Nikos Phyllis In his intervention. According to an Athens MP, the reluctance of some parents to vaccinate their children is understandable, however.Vaccination of students“It makes our schools safer,” he insists. He then cites the example of the Brazilian president, J ஜெயs Bolsanaro, who encourages parents to vaccinate their children, while boasting. 11 year old daughter Not vaccinated. “In Brazil, they already have Lost more children From Govt for any reason other than car accidents and illness. “Should we see it in Greece?” He adds. According to Greek data, “in other countries, school-going children are being vaccinated”, although “only in Greece” 15% “. Finally, Nikos Phyllis is also critical To the government In its vaccination policy.

Status of Nikos Filis

I read on CNN that Polsano, Brazil, is ruining vaccination for young people. From day one, he reduced the risk of infection and refused to take action, declaring that he was not vaccinated (yet!), Showing his own illness as a communication program. Overall, a coastal Trump. But prevents parents They need to vaccinate their children, Complaining that his 11-year-old daughter was not vaccinated is only known as passive, criminal irresponsibility, which is a bad thing.

The report follows the feelings of a young mother who almost lost her 9-year-old daughter Manuela from Quind. And the girl was saved, but With health effects This can have lasting consequences. Scientists, foreigners and Greeks, tell us in every tone: it is not a simple virus, it brings Omigron. Sending “mild illness” and “last mile” messages is irresponsible. You should not get sick. “It’s insane to seek immunity,” they shout. Take care. And protect your children. In Brazil, a serious scientist says more children are already losing their lives to dementia than any other cause or illness – except road accidents. Should we see it in Greece?

I understand Reluctance of some parents. I never criticize anyone. There are adults who are reluctant to get vaccinated for a variety of reasons. But, as long as she can do something for her child, I know there is no one who can not do it. So I only hate proverbs, insults and beliefs that have been cheap for a long time. A page of community. I never wanted to do the “lesson” and if I had anything to say about the vaccine I talked exclusively with my example.

The government has not observed the safe functioning of schools at any stage of the epidemic. Even if we mourn now he will not do it Unbearable numbers, Which brought Greece to the brink of death in Western Europe. She is sure. What’s left? What can we do. Even our parents, teachers and children They are more mature than many believe.

Vaccinating students makes our schools safer. It protects teachers and professors, which is relatively common in our country Advanced age, With underlying diseases, but protects the family: Vaccinated children become ill with a low load and it is very difficult for adults to spread the disease. It is very difficult to bring her to class and home.

In other countries school-going children are vaccinated. In the United States, 7 million doses are given to children aged 5-11 years, without any significant side effects. In Italy and France, vaccination of children and adolescents under the age of 17 is 25% – one-fourth. In Spain it is 30% and of course Surpassed it in Portugal. But in Greece it is only 15%! Ordinary people are not responsible, of course. But, as a parent, I urge you to vaccinate your children to the extent that we can take matters into our own hands (as long as they are, of course). At the age of vaccination, And no objection from the doctor).

To show concern for society, to prove that we listen to science and Logic. And not with fear, but with hope to give, the great struggles that come.

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