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Moscow condemns the idea of ​​”Greater Albania”


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First entry: Saturday, January 22, 2022, 07:00


According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow fully “shares” the sectarianism of some in Pristina and Trana and their “concern” for their purpose of creating what is called “Greater Albania” by uniting the “two Albanian states” in the Balkans. .

These “plans” can only be described as destructive. “Any secret border review in the region that is already fragile in this part of Europe is devastating by definition, where much more needs to be done to deal with the effects of the 1990s conflicts and wars.” Minister Sergei Lavrov on the relevant question submitted in writing by the Russian Foreign Minister on behalf of.

“A viable solution to the Kosovo problem is possible only in accordance with international law, in particular UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which, among other things, guarantees Serbia’s autonomous province and Serbia’s territorial integrity with the Commonwealth of Independent States.” “Especially in the direction of this document, the Belgrade-Pristina talks can and should take place,” the Russian foreign minister continued, “and their outcome should be a long-term solution that would satisfy the Serbian side and be recognized by the UN SA”.

Russian diplomacy says Pristina’s provocative attempts to persuade the rest of the world of the credibility of the glorious ‘state of Kosovo state’ will fail from the outset, while at the same time feeding Albanian nationalism. The persecution of Serbs and non-Albanians and the persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Church testify to the bankruptcy of this project. “

As for Russian diplomacy, “peace in the West has not long been a surprise,” but “an indication of the blind satisfaction of the Albanian-Kosovo extremists’ wishes of their foreign defenders,” according to Russian estimates, with the signing of the UN Secretary General’s mediation role in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. Nine years after its inception, it is no longer in a state of disrepair.

“In the interests of maintaining peace and security in the Balkans, we will continue to seek to systematically evaluate Pristina attacks, including by international organizations, including the UN Security Council,” he said.

Last Updated: Saturday, 22 January 2022, 07:00


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