HomenewsSeriesJamie Foxx's Vampire Comedy Is Action-Packed And Hilarious

Jamie Foxx’s Vampire Comedy Is Action-Packed And Hilarious


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Day Shift has a lot of bloody action and funny back-and-forth between Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco. Below, we provide a suitable review of the movie.

Jamie Foxx’s Vampire Comedy Day Shift

Day Shift is a Netflix show about a modern-day San Fernando Valley vampire hunter who has fallen on hard times. Jamie Foxx plays Bud, who is a modern-day vampire hunter who has fallen on hard times.

Jamie Foxx's Vampire Comedy Is Full Of Action And A Dash of Levity!

A man pulls up to a quiet house in the San Fernando Valley and walks toward a dirty pool. He starts to clean up by grabbing empty beer bottles and a dead possum with a net. Then, without being asked, he walks into what looks like an empty house. He looks around, and out of nowhere, an old woman shows up. He shoots her in the heart, which starts a fierce fight. She is not human. He goes hunting.

Several movies have shown a sunny day in San Fernando Valley, but nothing will prepare you for where Jamie Foxx’s, Day shift is going with its first shot. The valley is very different, but in many ways, it’s the same, and it’s amazing how close the movie is to the real valley.

Vampire Comedy Day Shift

For example, jobs in San Fernando Valley don’t change, so who’s to say a hotshot vampire couldn’t run a real estate business? As for the working class, Budd Jablonski, played by Jamie Foxx, is a vampire hunter who works as a pool cleaner in his spare time.

Vampire Comedy Day Shift

In Day Shift, we also see the other side of Bud (Jamie Foxx), who is a father trying to get out of his blue-collar job and help his young daughter, who needs expensive dental work and school tuition, live a good life.

When Jablonski runs out of money, he has no choice but to join the gang that kicked him out for the way he hunted and earn that $10,000 in a week.

Bud is able to get back to the Union with the help of his friend Big John (Snoop Dogg). When he takes a day shift, things get a little more complicated when he finds Seth, who is a very strict partner ( Dave Franco). ) are also hard to understand. There are union representatives who don’t want to go out on the field.

Hollywood has made movies and TV shows about vampire hunting, and while there may not be a new way to learn how to hunt them, the movie is mostly about designer action scenes. unique. Perry gets birth control from Cirque du Soleil, which is why he is still alive. To be the most athletic vampire anyone has ever seen.

In the movie, the vampires also have their own loyalties. Some of them are loyal to the humans, but Bud has to go on a murderous adventure with others.

Since the action scenes are the most important parts of the movie, there are times when they seem out of place or unnecessary, and those are the scariest parts. Not to mention that the movie doesn’t spend much time building up the search for the bad guy, Audrey (Carla Souza).

To an extent, it does. From the beginning, it’s clear that Perry likes to tell stories through stunts that have some style to them. Jamie Foxx walks into an old woman’s house wearing a mask and balaclava and beats the living daylights out of her. Only she isn’t really alive.

She is an old vampire. And he hunts vampires. In a later raid, he hits two teenage vampires harder and faster before running into a whole colony living in a suburban home.

Expert in martial arts Scott Adkins also lends a hand. Some vampire hunters have wooden bullets, silver swords, and garlic grenades in their arsenals. But Foxx’s modern Van Helsing will need all the help he can get in a world where vampires are expert contortionists who can pull off the slickest moves.

Day Shift could have been a very funny movie if Tice and Hatten had given it sharper satirical teeth. The hero is a blue-collar worker, and the world is full of parasites.

But this potential is ruined by the fact that they don’t try to be funny in any way other than what everyone else finds funny. If Netflix ever planned for Day Shift to be the start of a series, the choices they made pretty much killed that idea. Thankfully, that happened.

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