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I firmly believe that Putin has decided to invade Ukraine


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Joe Biden addressed a second message to the American people in just 24 hours about the crisis in Ukraine, noting all the latest developments leading up to the conflict with Russia. Prior to the reports, the US president attended a telecommunications meeting with European leaders and NATO, for which reason he was late to take the stage.
Referring to information gathered by US intelligence and allies in Europe and NATO, the US president said “Russia has said it will not invade, but has surrounded Ukraine.”

Watch live our ongoing efforts to continue prevention and diplomacy and I provide an update on Russian military troops on the Ukrainian border. https://t.co/Xt6EQUNltF

– President Biden (OPOTUS) February 18, 2022

He said the United States would not send troops to Ukraine, but that Russia would launch an attack in the coming days. “There is a lot of potential for a threat of an attack by Russia,” he said.

Joe Biden said he “believes Putin has decided to invade Ukraine in the coming days” and added, “I do not think he will use nuclear weapons, but he will put pressure on Europe to change relations.”

The US president has signaled that he is preparing the ground for a Moscow offensive by launching false attacks against Russian-speaking civilians. “For example, yesterday there was a bombing of a Ukrainian kindergarten, which Russia falsely claimed happened,” he said. We continue to see more and more misinformation being spread to the Russian people, including pro-Russian separatists, that Ukraine is planning a massive offensive in the Donbass. There is no evidence to support these allegations. “There is no rationale for believing that at this time the Ukrainians will choose. More than 150,000 Russian troops are marching on their borders to escalate the conflict.”

The Democratic president said there had been a significant increase in Russian misinformation in recent times. “All of the above is in line with the tactics that Russia has pursued in the past,” Biden said.

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