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How does Israel handle Omigran?


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Facing with Covit-19 eruption Because of her Omigron variant, தி Israel It was decided to avoid locking up, administer the fourth dose of the vaccine and seek the “responsibility” of its citizens. After its discovery Omigron variant In its territory at the end of November, the Israel closed its borders. But he reopened them on Sunday because health officials were facing a record number of first-time immunizations in a country, although the percentage of fully vaccinated Israelis now stands at 64.3%.

What is Israel’s strategy in dealing with Omigron?

In the first weeks, the government “closed the border to control the spread of the virus and we were able to keep it for a month,” he said. Cyril Cohen, Professor of Public Health at the University See Advertising. This period will allow authorities to encourage people to get vaccinated or get a booster dose and prepare for the tide. But the government did not succeed during the same period “Strengthening the ability to perform diagnostic tests”, Points out.

The Number of cases Is increasing and estimates point to two to four million cases per nine million population.

Considering that the virus is currently spreading in the country and the closure of the border will not have any effect other than hurting the economy, the government has decided to open the border to tourists.

Israeli authorities also reduced locking operations, the restaurant was open to those with vaccination certificates and dropped monitoring cases.

Today, the strategy is “Transferring a portion of crisis management from government to citizens”, I.e. shifting to certain locations or not, shifting responsibility for performance or diagnostic tests and isolation in case of infection.

What is the risk of this strategy?

“Despite Lockdown, we have many cases, and above all we have seen this in many countries: locking does not prevent infection”, The epidemiologist insists Hogai Levine, President of the Association of Public Health Physicians.

In his opinion, the risk is “political”. “The change in actions creates confusion and creates the impression that the situation is not under the control of the government, because this is also true Omigron variantHe added that the situation could not be controlled.

With an explosion of more than 37,000 cases a day, the pressure on the healthcare system and health workers is increasing, more than four times the worst periods of the health crisis before Omigran appeared.

“We expect many workers in key sectors of the health care system and economy to be affected, so we will discuss with experts the possibility of reducing the isolation period.” Asymptomatic cases, said Salman Sarka, head of the Israeli government’s anti – Govt.

Will the fourth installment help the authorities deal with Omicron?

By December 2020, At the same time that the administration of the booster dose began in the summer, Israel was among the first countries in the population to begin mass vaccination.

This allowed me to get vaccinated Two doses for 80% of adults And about 47% of the population in three sizes.

But the government has given the green light to give a fourth dose to the most vulnerable as the effectiveness of the vaccine has declined after several months.

“The third dose provides adequate protection against acute illness and death, but is less effective against infection. It is not yet clear whether the fourth dose will increase the effectiveness of the vaccine., Notes o Hogai Levine.

His first data though Sheba Hospital Israeli experts say it will take time to understand its effectiveness if those who take the fourth dose show a five-fold increase in antibodies.

“In Israel we have become accustomed to the emergency (…) We gave the first and third doses quickly, and in hindsight it was said to have been effective”, “he said. Hogai Levine concludes.

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