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Heavy bombings in Donetsk and explosions in the city center


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The Russian news agency TASS reported that early this morning the sound of artillery shells was heard in the central, northern and western parts of Donetsk, the largest city in the country where the Donetsk People’s Republic was declared. According to the agency, heavy artillery is being used against the city and the attack continues. Earlier, pro-Russian separatist officials said that the Ukrainian army had shelled several communities in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The situation in eastern Ukraine has worsened this week. Officials, who have declared themselves the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, have been talking for months about the Ukrainian artillery bombing and the massive damage to political infrastructure. The day before yesterday, pro-Russian leaders in both regions, Leonid Bassetnik and Denis Bushlin, announced that they would begin taking civilians into Russian territory as the wars escalated. On Saturday, the two announced that they were announcing a “public mobilization” and called on all those who could carry weapons to report to military offices.

Nerve war and provocation on the Ukrainian-Russian border

The thriller continues on the border with Ukraine Many explosions Mention should be made of the city center Donetsk. Neither Kiev nor the separatists have made this clear.

Leonid Bassetnik, President of the Luhansk People’s Republic, however, Signed an order providing for a general mobilization. Among other things, it prevents men between the ages of 18 and 55 from leaving the area, while allowing authorities to seize vehicles and property of companies and individuals for security purposes.

The Ukrainian military, for its part, said Russian mercenaries had invaded eastern Ukraine in an attempt to escalate the war.

Report up to this Two dead soldiers And four others were injured in the blast. At least one of them, a 35-year-old sergeant and father of three, was killed near Novolukansky.

At the same time, panic prevailed The bombs exploded Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, while touring with delegates. No one was injured.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, “The country is ready for all circumstances.”

However, observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have noted 2,000 ceasefire violations Saturday only in eastern Ukraine.

The war of the nerves has affected everyone as Ukrainian television has become a hoop. A journalist stabbed a pro-Russian politician In the live TV panel.

Journalist stabs pro-Russian politician in the face on live television in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky made an “emergency” phone call with his French president. Emmanuel Macron. They discussed ways to alleviate the crisis. “He will not respond to Russia’s challenges in eastern Ukraine, and he is ready,” Zhelensky clarified. Conversation with Moscow.

Earlier, from the podium in Munich, he said: “This war is no more, it’s not mine. “The threat is not to Ukraine, but to Europe.”

Macron is expected to contact his Russian envoy today. The Russian foreign minister spoke by phone with his French foreign minister, commenting that “ignoring the security guarantees demanded by Moscow is detrimental to Europe’s stability.”

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has compared the Russian military to a snake preparing to attack Ukraine.

Speaking at the Munich conference, the German chancellor called for a reduction in expansion, saying “the cost is not too high.”

For his part, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi commented that “Ukraine should not be the arena of competition between the major powers.”

Boris Johnson warned Disaster effects around the worldIf the West does not fulfill its promises to support Ukraine.

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