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Gordon Brown’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Career!


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Being the former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown most often shared the limelight. He represented the Labor Party and used to be the Chancellor for a considerable period.

However, the famous personality struggled a lot to gain the confidence of the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Gordon Brown’s Net Worth! How Rich Is He Now?

He was not on good terms with Tony Blair. Moreover, some even made fun of him and stated that Brown would remain the exchequer’s Chancellor for the rest of his life.

It was evident from the activities of Scottish person Tony Blair that he could never do any good for the Labor Party. Hence the party chose Gordon Brown as their representative, and the results were brilliant. For some, Brown was their last hope to lead a life of respect in the UK.

Gordon Brown's Net Worth, Age, Bio, Birthday, Height

The success of Gordon Brown is an example for the whole world. He never compromised with anything wrong and rose to power with constant hard work. This famous personality’s current net worth figure is about $18 million. Here we give insights into his personal life and story of rising to fame.

Gordon Brown’s Early Life

Gordon’s main aim was to protest against the dictatorship’s cruel impact and teach the students the actual rights given by law. Such a brave and bold personality came to this planet on February 25, 1951. James Gordon Brown was his full name after his birth. However, in later times, he removed James from his name. Andrew Brown and John Brown are Gordon Brown’s parents.

Age, Height, And Weight

Scotland’s Giffnock is his hometown, and as a young boy also, Brown took immense interest in politics. The British gentleman from Scotland went to Kirkcaldy West Primary School and Kirkcaldy High School. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh. Gordon is 71 years as per 2022 records. The height is 5 feet 11 inches, while the weight is approximately 77 Kg.

Gordon Brown’s Career

Full-time politics was not my first career option at Gordon Brown. He took jobs in different sectors before becoming a prominent face of the Labor Party. Brown took up journalism as his first career after completing graduation. However, after that, he found more interest in becoming a professor. Brown took the responsibility of teaching several students at a Local University and continued this job for three years.

Gordon Brown's Career

Gordon and Tony Blair formed the Labor Party together with the common objective of letting them acquire equal rights in the country. However, subsequent times showed several conflicts of interest between them as Tony was not ready to leave the chair of Prime Minister even after the expiry of two terms.

Brown joined politics as a full-time member in 1980. Within ten years of joining the parliament in 1984, he rose to fame with the position of Chancellor of the exchequer. It was one of the UK’s most powerful positions, and this gave the Labor party much hope about their bright future. Finally, Gordon rose to power by taking the oath as UK Prime Minister in 2007. His reign continued to benefit the citizens for an extensive period of ten years.

Gordon Brown’s Net Worth

The average monthly income of Gordon Brown is 0.1 million dollars. Thus, you can see from this that he earns around $2 million per annum. Even after leaving the seat of Prime Minister, his net worth is quite impressive. The yearly break-ups show that Brown’s net worth figures constantly showed an upward trend in the past six years. Here lies the detail;-

2017$11 Million
2018$12 million
2019$13 million
2020$14 million
2021$16 million
2022$18 million

Gordon Brown Personal Life

It is interesting to note that Brown embraced fatherhood while being the Chancellor of the exchequer. The proud moment made him the happiest, and soon he doubled his efforts to achieve the next target of his life. The history of his life shows that Gordon was not much involved with girls.

Thus, not much detail is available about his romantic life. He is loyal only to his beautiful wife, Sarah Jane Brown. The couple tied the knot in 2000 and has three children. The names of Brown’s kids are Jennifer Jane Brown, James Fraser Brown, and John Macaulay Brown.

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Awards And Honors

Gordon received his Doctorate degrees from various universities like the University of Edinburgh, New York University, Brunel University, and many others. The appeal of the Conscience Foundation gave him the title of World Statesman of the Year in 2009. Moreover, it acknowledged the contribution of Brown in promoting human rights and religious faiths.

Besides this honor, Brown also received six awards for Scottish Politician of the Year. In 2011, the Lifetime Achievement Award in the category of Outstanding Political Achievement came to his bag. Finally, he received the Best of the Best award in 2020 in the category of Best Scot at Westminster.

So, Gordon Brown has remained a remarkable personality throughout his life and contributed immensely to the benefits and rights of ordinary people.


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