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Glenda Cleveland Net Worth, Age, Bio, Social Media!


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Glenda Cleveland is known as the neighbor of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most famous serial killers in the history of the United States.

All You Need To Know About Glenda Cleveland Net Worth, Age, Bio!

She was a courageous woman who was the first to inform the police about Dahmer but was ignored by the authorities. She even tried to contact the FBI, but that was in vain. 

All You Need To Know About Glenda Cleveland Net Worth, Age, Bio

Recently, a mini-series- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was released on Netflix on 21 September 2022. The series recognized the role of Glenda Cleveland in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, played by the actress Niecy Nash. 

Keep scrolling to know more about Glenda Cleveland, her life, and her brave acts. 

Full NameGlenda Cleveland
ResidenceOxford House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Date Of Birth1954
Age56 years
Height5 ft 5 in
Weight52 Kg
ChildrenSandra Smith

Key Facts About Glenda Cleveland

  • Glenda was born on 24 December 1954 in the United States
  • She was a black woman with 52 kg of weight and was 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She had black hair with black eyes, and she used to wear glasses. Her nationality was American. 
  • The first report made by Glenda Cleveland was on 27 May 1991, when her daughter Sandra Smith and teenage niece Nicole Childress saw a naked, incoherent, and bleeding teenage boy running away from Dahmer in an alleyway. But the case was dismissed by the officials after Dahmer lied to them that he was his drunk boyfriend. 
  • The officers disregarded the case by concluding that the case was a domestic matter between a homosexual couple. 
  • Later, Cleveland called to share her concerns and questioned the police. Are they positive that the young guy was Dahmer’s boyfriend and not a child? As she believed the young guy was a young teenage boy and could not even speak English properly. The officers assured her that he was nineteen-year-old and not a child. 
  • Later, it was discovered that the boy was a 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone who was assaulted, tortured, and killed by Dahmer shortly after the police were called. 
  • Even after this incident, Cleveland contacted authorities on numerous incidents whenever she heard any noises. She would even say that somebody is either hurt or killed, but it never resulted in a discovery. 
  • For her brave act, Glenda Cleveland was honored by the Common Council and the County Board and referred to as a model citizen by Mayor John Norquist. The model citizen, Glenda, also received awards from local women’s groups and the Milwaukee Police Department
  • Cleveland died at the age of 56 on 24 December 2010 in her apartment in Ohio due to heart disease and high blood pressure. She was alone in the apartment when she died. Her body was found by the police who were searching for her. The police began their search after receiving a citizen tip from the concerned neighbor who had not seen her in days. 
  • She had a bad habit of smoking cigarettes, and her daughter blamed that habit for her death. 
  • Glenda Cleveland spent her last years helping to care for her nine grandchildren. 
  • She would have turned 69 years old this year if she was still alive. 

Glenda Cleveland Sources Of Income

The primary source of income for Glenda Cleveland was her job in data entry, for which she worked for years. 

Glenda Cleveland Net Worth

There is no information available about Glenda Cleveland’s net worth. 

Although, her net worth would not be so high as her only income was from her job that she left years ago, before her death. 

Glenda Cleveland Net Worth

Glenda Cleveland Houses

Cleveland was born in Ohio, United States, and spent her whole life there. She lived in the neighborhood of 25th and Kilbourn. Even after the serial killings by Jeffrey Dahmer, she remained there till her death. 

She was questioned by the media in an interview about her stay in the house. Why did she want to live in that house on the haunted hill? She replied that she was not going anywhere and survived in that house till she passed away.

Glenda Cleveland Cars

Glenda Cleveland never owned a car in her life. So, there is no information available about automobiles. 

Glenda Cleveland Involvement In Charity

There is no data available about Glenda Cleveland’s involvement in charity work. Although, she was a brave woman, as we have read about her earlier. She was a good-hearted woman and always helped others.

She even attended the funeral of one of the victims of her serial killer neighbor, Konerak Sinthasomphone, and stayed in touch with his family for a long time. 

Quotes By Glenda Cleveland

There are no quotes available on the internet by Glenda Cleveland as the good-hearted lived a short span of life. 

However, the actress who played her role in the Dahmer series released on Netflix, Niecy Nash, stated in the interview that Glenda Cleveland was a unique individual and deserved more than a cheesy plaque at the back of some social hall for her bravery. 

Quotes By Glenda Cleveland

She also stated that Glenda Cleveland was also a victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, but her story was not told and recognized by anyone. 

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Glenda Cleveland Social Media

The brave lady passed away in 2010. At that time, there was no Instagram and trends on other social media networks. She had no involvement in social media. 

In the trailer, Jeffrey Dahmer was seen offering a sandwich to Glenda that appeared to be made out of human meat, but she declined to eat it. We don’t know whether the incident was true or not in real life, but Dahmer was involved in acts of cannibalism. 

Many watchers have the same remark that Jeffrey could have stopped two months earlier only if the authorities had listened to Cleveland’s suspicions. 

After the reports of Glenda Cleveland were overlooked, the killer continued killing and murdered four more people in two months.

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