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Coronaios – “Can we finish sticking to Omigron?” – What do experts say?


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Recently a frequently asked question: “Why not get caught And finish? It’s mild, isn’t it? It also boosts the immune system.

This view is often heard on many social networking sites. But what does the scientific community say?

Suppose you are vaccinated and you are infected with the Omicron variant. The disease often does not “kneel” you, of course it means that you will pass slowly. However, on the other hand, do not be sure that Omigran will give you – along with vaccines – some “super immunity”.

As the American mentions Atlantic “If you’ve been vaccinated, Omicron will not make you seriously ill, but do not expect it to make you vulnerable.”

In fact, diseases and vaccines build the structure to strengthen the wall of immunity. Rizzie Goyal, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania, points out that since the vaccines are based on old corona virus mutations, Omigran’s disease could be considered “expanding immunity.”

However, the immune system does not respond uniformly from person to person, and most people cannot be sure which corona virus mutation they are infected with. “The level of diversity in people’s immune responses is simply staggering,” said Daya Wang, an immunologist at Stanford University.

“Even in the most optimistic situation where the post-vaccine infection exaggerates the immunity of the vaccinated person, the reversal of effects is still ridiculous,” said Atlantic scientist Katherine Woo.

Even with vaccination, no disease can be “mild”. Omigron may be less likely to send someone to the hospital than Delta, but no one can predict which mutation the virus will catch or transmit, and long-term Govt concerns.

Three reasons

According to an article on the website, there are three main reasons to be careful not to get infected with the corona virus this winter:

1. In order not to further increase the pressure on hospitals

Health workers are already exhausted and many in the United States are resigning. This can put a lot of stress on health systems, which can affect not only Kovit patients but anyone who needs treatment.

2. Effective treatments are not yet here

“Pfizer’s most effective tablet is FDA approved, but distribution is low,” the article said. “Currently, the only monoclonal antibody treatment that works against Omigran is chotrovimab, which is also in short supply.”

These treatments will be available for as long as we can be safe against the virus.

3. Infection does not guarantee protection against re-infection

We are not “stuck, that’s it”.

“A combination of vaccines or variants of the virus may not provide complete protection against the new SARS-CoV-2 infection,” the article said. “Immunity acquired through vaccination or infection, which is always somewhat functional, does not fully function.”

Everyone is at risk of developing a corona infection at some point. However, getting sick all at once is devastating, the article concludes.


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