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Concern for 19 orphaned children trapped in a health center in Mariupol


A group of 19 children, most of whom are orphans “In great danger”Trapped Mariupol Health Center, The Ukrainian city besieged by Russian forces, their relatives and eyewitnesses told the French agency today. Before the start of the Russian offensive on February 24, these children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 17, who specialize in the treatment of lung disease, were sent to the hospital. They are now “In great danger”Alexei Volostuk, an eyewitness, told the French agency that their bodyguards had not been able to retrieve them because of fighting in the city, which had been bombed for weeks. He took refuge inside the sanatorium before being forced to leave the besieged city, where almost all communications were cut off due to a lack of water, gas and electricity. Volostuk, who arrived in Zaporizhia on Friday, said the children had lived in an icy basement and had not been washed for more than two weeks as Russian rockets landed near the clinic in recent days.

“No heat, no cold.” One of the girls, about eight years old, showed cold sores on her face.. As he said, one “Veera” A pulmonologist, a cook and two nurses take care of the children, while local police take food cooked outside to a fire near the sanatorium building. But food will soon be depleted and shortages may occur, he said.

Olga Lopatkina, a security guard at a private orphanage in Uclander, 100 km north of Mariupol, and her husband sent six of their six- to 17-year-old children to a health center in January, AFP was told.

After the start of the Russian invasion, he left his city with the other children in Liv in western Ukraine, then reached Hungary and finally arrived in France. She is desperately trying to get the children left by Mariupol near her.

But residents can only leave the city in their own cars. In Geneva, the charity Stop DP says “Terrible anxiety” For these children.

The Tuberculosis Foundation wants to allow children into other countries, but “The big problem is getting them out of there.”Lucica DTU, its managing director for AFP, explains that it is “In frustration”.

“They are orphans; the most vulnerable”, Sighs. With the thought of the four adults stuck with them, he adds how “I do not dare imagine what it would be like to be stuck with 19 children in a basement without water and food.”

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