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China is ready to mediate a ceasefire


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The Chinese government says it is ready to intervene to reach a ceasefire shortly before the major Russian attack on Ukraine. On Tuesday, a telephone conversation took place between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba., Who discussed the dramatic events taking place in Ukraine. During the talks between the two diplomats, the Chinese Foreign Minister expressed Beijing’s desire to play a “role” of mediating with Russia to reach a peace and send both sides back to the diplomatic table. The Chinese government has said it is “deeply concerned about the loss of life and the loss of civilians.” The Chinese Foreign Minister stressed to his Ukrainian Foreign Minister that Beijing is ready to assist in ceasefire talks, while strengthening its ties with Ukraine. According to an official statement from the Chinese government, Beijing “respects the territorial integrity of all nations.” However, the report did not mention or condemn the Russian invasion, nor did it refer to the Crimean annexation or Moscow’s call for international recognition of the autonomy of the Donbass region.

Indication of a change in Chinese tactics

According to international analysts, Beijing’s intention to mediate between Russia and Ukraine is a sign of a change in tactics. A few days before the invasion, on February 24, a Chinese government spokesman described Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a “combination of factors” and avoided calling it a “violation.” The same spokesman called Ukraine “guilty” of the crisis because it “intensified tensions and provoked the possibility of a war.” 24 hours ago, the BeijingTogether with India and the United Arab Emirates, Moscow vetoed and rescinded the UN resolution against Russian occupation of Ukraine.

There was a meeting during the Winter Olympics Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi JinpingThe two powers have signed a series of agreements and cooperation between them.

Why does China still have an “alternative” policy? According to analysts, Beijing wants to use its relationship with the Kremlin to play the role of world peacemaker.

Criticism of NATO expansion

However, China retained Critical approach to NATOIt announced on Tuesday that regional security could not be achieved by expanding and strengthening military alliances.

In a statement, the Ukrainian foreign minister said he had “asked Wang Yi to use the scale of relations between Beijing and Moscow to force Russia to end its armed aggression against the Ukrainian people.” Kubela added that his Chinese envoy had assured him that “China is ready to make every effort to end the war on Ukraine through diplomacy, including the right to a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.”

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