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Brittney Griner’s Release! Her Wife Claims Joe Biden Hasn’t Done Enough



Cherrelle Griner, wife of Brittney Griner a famous well-known WNBA star was present in The ReidOut this Wednesday. There she spoke about her wife’s long custody in Russia for claimed possession of hash oil. She was arrested by Russian officials in February. Her detention has been decided to extend till July 2nd. There has been news of her long time imprisonment of at least 10 years. The U.S state department thinks Griner has been in wrongful imprisonment but Russia still claims she is a criminal and not a hostage.

Brittney Griner’s Wife Wants Biden To “Make A Deal” With Russia For Her Release!!

Brittney Griner has been one of the best athletes. She is a professional American basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). No wonder she is the best player of all time. Brittney has been successfully winning matches, has been an Olympic gold medalist, a seven-time WNBA star center.

Brittney Griner's Release! Her Wife Claims Joe Biden Hasn't Done Enough

Cherrelle Griner and Brittney Griner have been an amazing relationship and Cherrelle has always been by her side through thick and thin. They both met in Texas as undergraduates. They didn’t start dating right then but it started after Brittney was split up with her first wife Glory Johnson.

The popular basketball star made a dreamy proposal in the year 2018. Cherrelle was on cloud nine seeing Brittney’s love for her. Soon then they have been popular on social media. Their relationship has been so astounding, they used to share their snaps, and stories of their vacations and spending time with one another.

Even after Brittney’s arrest, Cherrelle has been supporting her from a distance, sharing her videos, and thanking people for their support.

Why Was Brittney Griner Arrested?

Brittney Griner is said to be arrested for illegal drug smuggling. It is known from various sources that she was seen in the Russian airport searching for her things. She had flown down to Russia from New York. Upon inspection, the Russian officials found hashish oil in her luggage after which she was taken into a criminal investigation.

There has been news stating that Brittney may have 10-year-long imprisonment.

Though the US state government has been claiming that she is wrongfully detained, Russian officials are still claiming her to be a criminal.

Her detainment is being continuously extended by the Russian government, Cherrelle said. She says that there have not been very many things done in favor of releasing Brittney Griner from Russian officials, so now she demands the Biden Government to take some steps and to make a deal since she completely believes that Brittney has been wrongfully arrested.


This news of the  WNBA star being arrested has now become viral after quite a long time of her imprisonment.

There have been different statements coming up in favor and against Brittney Griner. Things have also been believed that the Russian Government would not leave her proving her innocent but there will be a negotiation done for her release.

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