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Top NewsBritney Spears Slams Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Over Comments About...

Britney Spears Slams Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Over Comments About Their Sons


Following the split, Britney Spears is not on good terms with her ex-husband Kevin Federline who allegedly claimed that their sons have not seen even her shadow for months. Kevin Federline is a frontman for making public statements concerning his family. Federline, 44, spilled that their teenage sons, Jayden James,15, and Sean Preston, 16 were not interested in seeing their mom now.

On 5 August, Federline came forward to explain his personal story saying that his son had not seen his ex-wife in months and he also made a surprising affirmation that both James and Preston already planned not to attend Spear’s wedding at Sam Asghari in June. 

Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Slams Kevin Federline Over Her Kids

To the very interview given by Federline,  Spear shared an emotional reply on her Instagram handle on Saturday calling it “hurtful”. She wrote about how saddening it was for her to realize that her ex-husband has started to talk about her and their children’s personal matters during a discussion. She added that as a family woman, she had given them everything.

The Princess of Pop also shared that the majority custody of the children was given to Federline and she had only minority custody of them as it was pre-decided with her mother, Lynne Spears. Lynne had primarily suggested the custody of children according to which Spears has been acting lately. Since they have agreed upon it, Spears at the moment only has limited custody rights to visit her own children James and Preston. 

Britney Spears Slams Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Over Comments About Their Sons

According to Spears, it was a matter of concern when her ex expressed that their children were uncomfortable with the social media posts she made. In the reply, she also added that the reason was never Instagram, for the issue was already present even before the term “Instagram ” was dragged in. 

The explicit pictures of the pop star have been creating hurricanes on the social platform where Britney Spears was seen in topless poses. The then-husband indirectly pointed at those shots and said that they were straining the relationship she had with their sons. 

In the interview, Federline elucidated about him trying to convince both teens saying that those could be Spears’ unique way of expressing herself. However, it was made clear to himself that these words could not suffice in fact, the children could not leave behind the impact they had. He then further said that it was quite unimaginable to even think how James and Preston were going to high school, despite the facts running behind. 

Kevin Federline Reveals Her Sons Are Avoiding Britney Spears

In a recent post, the pop icon addressed her own posts saying that some other artists have made things worse for extremely young children, unlike her. The statement was coupled with a reminder that sought the attention of people who were traumatizing and insulting her, which she accepts as a part of her fame and success, and invited their attention by making it clear that those ugly words would also affect her children, just like how it affected her. She even dared Federline to go and watch the BIG BOOTY VIDEO that she had in store. 


Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’s current husband has also shown up on his Instagram story, offering support to his wife, saying that she has not made any nude posts, but only her butt was put on display which was modest these days. Furthermore, the statement penned by him read that the ad pictures cannot be implied as nudity, since it was a part of her work. He also shared a heated reply to Federline saying that it was irresponsible of him to tear apart Spears by making illogical statements in public. 

In the Saturday interview, the former dancer divulged that Spears’ father Jamie Spears with whom she had a 13-year conservatorship, saved her life. 

Lately, Federline had a dispute with Jamie which led him to file a lawsuit against him. In the filing, the issue was stated as an inappropriate physical altercation that Jamie did to Preston when they made a visit to Westlake Village Home, where Jamie stayed. The piece of information was shared by Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline’s lawyer, who was with him throughout the case. 

Investigations were made on the allegation of child abuse and Gregory Totten, the District Attorney, called off the case without charging Jamie with any criminal offenses. The verdict came in favor of Jamie since the proof to showcase the offense was insufficient. 

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Despite the situation, Federline made it crystal clear that Jamie was all time welcome in the lives of his grandchildren if that was what the kids wished. 

Not long ago, the former couple had to occupy the court seats following the dispute created by Federline prior to Spears’ wedding with Asghari. The guard at court testified that Federline allegedly tried to enter the singer’s home without permission at night, which ruined the entire atmosphere there. As per their words, Britney Spears was taken out of their home by Asghari soon after Federlinne was arrested by law enforcement. 

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