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Britney Spears Says Her Father Ruined Her Sexual Life: ‘He Made Me Feel Ugly’


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Britney Spears is one of the leading American pop singers who made her fame with All New Mickey Mouse Club and Baby One More Time in 1998 at around eleven years of age. If you read a recent blog post by Britney Spears, her father and the man who raised her are being blamed for making her less confident and having sex less often. 

Britney Spears Says Her Father Jamie Made Her Feel ‘ugly’

Her father and the man who raised her are Jamie Spears. A beautiful picture as a young person was posted on Instagram on May 3. In the caption, the singer talked about her body image issues and how important it is for her to be happy with her own body. In her conservatorship, she says she was told that she was in trouble “There’s never enough.

Britney Spears Says Her Father Ruined Her Sexual Life ‘He Made Me Feel Ugly'

At 13, “I felt like I was beginning to have a sense of self-worth.” I was a rebellious child because I was always told I had to be beautiful and perfect, blaming my mother. After this, I pushed myself to the limit and became wild and dirty. At the beginning of the post, she said, “But even in those rebellious days, I still felt sexy!!!” I remember being told that I was too fat to be a moral person in the conservatorship. A bad thing happened to me. This hurt me a lot and was one of the worst things that happened to me.

Every time I did something for him, he made me feel like I had to give him everything I had, no matter how hard it was. She said, “That’s great!” He ripped apart the core of my being. 

“It was the seed of self-confidence planted in me when I was 13. The way I feel about myself, my swag, my inner monologue, and even my sex life have all been ruined by this, and so has my sex life. He was the one who caused me to doubt my abilities and worth. It is very different to feel attractive and to feel appealing. Even if it makes some people uncomfortable, having hard conversations is a good thing, even if it makes them feel awkward.

Then she said, “I felt so much better about myself!” Author: “And what’s more…?” When I stopped putting so much emphasis on myself, my world opened up. That’s why I was smiling so much!”


Since the conclusion of her conservatorship in June 2021, she has frequently spoken out against one of her family members. In several posts on social media, pop singer Britney Spears has said that she doesn’t like her mother, Lynne Spears, and her sister Jamie-Lynn Spears because she says they treated her as a child.

According to a letter to the editor she wrote in November of that year, “Honestly, it still astounds me every morning when I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to perpetrate such atrocities against me.”It was depressing and nasty!!” They should all be sent to prison, even my religious mother, for the terrible things they did to me.

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