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Arsenal – Leicester: Premier League – live! | football


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1.19 pm EDT


First Half: Arsenal 1-0 Leicester City

Barty’s header from a corner kick separates the two teams in the first half. After opening bedsores from Arsenal When they made wave after wave of attack, Leicester really improved in the last 10 minutes. The second half is interesting to come.

1.15 pm EDT


43 minutes: good chance. A powerful shot from Madison found Soyunko’s left foot from the left of the goal, who tried to shoot the ball to Ramsdale but was unable to keep his shot.

1.13 pm EDT


41 minutes: The pressure is constantly increasing. After a long period of possession from Leicester, Saka won the ball. Under pressure, Lacazette immediately gave the ball to Albrighton. When he tried to get it back, Lacazette made a frustrating mistake.

1.11 pm EDT


39 minutes: This is Leicester’s best period in the game and they are starting to put a constant pressure on Arsenal. This time, a Maddison cross from the right leads to another angle. After some tense moments, Arsenal Clear.

1.07 pm EDT


35 minutes: opportunity! After Lester engineered a pair of corners, Albrighton whipped a right-hand cross that landed directly on Barnes’ forehead. A solid header from Barnes towards the side of the goal that Ramsdale was more than equal to. Good reflex keeping.

It’s 1.07pm EST

1.03 pm EDT


30 minutes: He paused briefly after Inacho punched Gabriel in the face as they battled for a ball. It sounded a bit reckless rather than malicious and that’s what Anthony Taylor apparently came up with. When Gabriel fell to the ground and needed some time to get up, Inacho received a yellow card.

1.01 pm EDT


29 minutes: A few minutes from Leicester, Arsenal Take back control and craft a gentle and patient attack. Lacazette ended up trying for a powerful shot from distance, but Schmeichel had no trouble catching it.

12.58 pm EDT


25 minutes: Leicester slowly began to settle in after being fatigued for 20 minutes, creating his first important chance as Maddison almost caught the ball in front of an open goal after a gentle move from the left.

Arsenal It was only saved by a stellar last-ditch tackle from White after Ramsdale attempted to beat a low left cross that rolled toward Maddison on the edge of the penalty area.

12.55 pm EDT


23 minutes: Leicester’s first real chance, with a ball raised from Dewsbury-Hall to find Barnes in the area. From a tight corner on the left, Barnes tried to beat Ramsdale but the ball rolled in from a corner kick.

12.53 pm EDT


19 minutes: Arsenal keep hitting Leicester here, attacking wave after wave. Surrounded by four players, Saka beat them all, carried the ball into the penalty area and then fell into the area. There seems to be some connection. As the crowd shouted for a penalty, Arsenal He quietly recirculated the ball, as Martinelli’s strike was not strong enough.

12.49 pm EDT


17 minutes: opportunity! Barty hits the woodwork after a nice goal from the right. After a series of quick and silky passes including Lacazette’s back heel into the penalty area, Xhaka’s shot was blocked. The ball rolled to Barty from outside the penalty area, and he was unable to bend it into the upper right corner.

12.46 pm EDT


14 minutes: This was about the last eight minutes of Arsenal The Martinelli in particular is everywhere. This time, he catches a bouncing ball from the left and overtakes Ricciardo on the left. He looked at the goal before being considered offside again.

12.42 pm EDT


The goal! Arsenal 1-0 Leicester City (Party 11)

After a great start from Arsenal Resulting in an early corner kick, Martinelli whips in an excellent delivery that Barty was confidently heading for his second goal of the season.

Back net: Thomas Partey with the first goal.

Back net: Thomas Partey with the first goal. Photo: Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty Images
Goal: Thomas Partey scores for Arsenal.

Goal: Thomas Partey scores for Arsenal. Photo: Catherine Eiffel/Getty Images

It’s 12.46pm EST

12.40 pm EDT


8 minutes: Martinelli is already making himself a nuisance here. This time, he was released inside the penalty area via a pass from Odegaard. However, Schmeichel was tied to his finish and then was sentenced for offside.

12.38 pm EDT


6 minutes: After patiently building from behind for the past few minutes, Arsenal He created some danger with a superb pass from Tierney to Martinelli on the left. Martinelli runs into Pereira before the ball goes out from a corner kick. A few penalty requests, but nothing major.

12.34 pm EDT


3 minutes: While Arsenal had possession of the ball for most of the first two minutes, Leicester already showed their intentions by pressing some high octane out of the gate. panicked pass from Arsenal Defense turns the ball. Otherwise, a quiet start.

12.15 pm EDT


Brendan Rodgers on Sky Sports:

“Mikel did a great job after a difficult start. They have that consistency now and players who can make a difference. It’s a real challenge but we came here last year and won.”

11.56 am EDT


Mikel Arteta has opted not to make any changes to Arsenal’s starting line-up since last weekend when they beat Watford. As expected, Smith Roe returned to the team on the bench.

Brendan Rodgers Leicester City They have made three changes since their win over Leeds, with Vardy out through injury while Tillmans and Ndidi started on the bench. Iheanacho, Pereira and Mendy take their places in the starting lineup.

11.49 am EDT



Arsenal XI: Ramsdale. Cedric, White; Gabriel, Tierney; Barty, Shaka; Sacca, Odegaard, Martinelli; Lacazette

Subs: Lino, Smith Roe, Holding, Pepe, Tavares, Lukonga, Elni, Nketia, Swanson

Leicester XI: Schmeichel. Pereira, Amarty; Suyunko, Thomas; Madison, Mindy, Dewsbury Hall; Albrighton, Iheanacho, Barnes

Subs: Justin, Tillmans, Perez, Choudhury, Westergaard, Ndidi, Dhaka, Jacobovich, Lookman

11:30 AM EDT


Jimmy Vardy 11 goals against Arsenal is the second most scored by any player against Arsenal in the world Premier Leaguebehind only 12th Wayne Rooney. He will not play a role today after being ruled out for the week due to his continuing recovery from a knee injury.

11:30 AM EDT


Meanwhile, Leicester’s Mark Albrighton spoke about Arsenal:

“They’ve had a really good season and they’ve really tightened up in defense. They have some good young players going forward. It’s going to be a tough game, but we’re looking forward to it and it’s a great opportunity for ourselves.

“Obviously I watch a lot of Premier League football and you can see how well they are doing. They have some good young English talent, which is great for England and Arsenal themselves. They look full of confidence at the moment so it will be difficult but we are looking forward to the challenge.”

(Across LCFC TV)

11:30 AM EDT


Mikel Arteta spoke at his press conference on Friday about Leicester.

Well, I agree that they have been more consistent in terms of performance and results. It’s a team that has come a long way and I think Brendan [Rodgers] The coaching staff have done an exceptional job, they have a lot of injuries too, I think this season, in addition to the Covid issues we’ve all been through, it’s a tough combination and it’s been tough for all the managers, but as you said, they are now in a better moment.

Emile Smith Rowe is back in the squad today after being pulled out due to Covid but Arteta said Arsenal “Caution” with Takehiro Tomiyasu.

11:30 AM EDT



Welcome! Welcome to our coverage of this afternoon’s match between Arsenal and Leicester City. As Arsenal look to continue their push into the top four today, Leicester will try to return to the top half of the table after dropping to 12.

Arsenal come home with vibes surrounding them as they look for a fifth place in a row Premier League Wins. Last week, the narrow result in their 3-2 away win at Watford did not fully reflect the joy and tenacity with which they played, scoring three superb goals and doing so with their group of young stars, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Martin Odegaard. The heart is good for them.

After Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur, it trails United in fourth place by two points but with four games in hand. During the last 10 matches, Arsenal He won the most points in the league along with Manchester City. We’ll see if they can maintain this shape.

Meanwhile, twelfth place wasn’t where more people imagined Leicester City would be this year and it’s been a disappointing season. However, they arrived in the Emirates having established at least some winning habits in recent weeks.

With the warning that they have faced two teams, Leeds and Burnley, battling for relegation, Leicester have won their last two Premier League games and are looking to claim their fifth consecutive win in all competitions. Like Arsenal, he’s only played 25 games so far and could make up a lot of ground in some of the teams ahead of them.

It’s 11.51 a.m. EDT


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