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Anna’s viewers’ creation captures the same details about the cast members of the show



Anna’s creation Viewers are citing the same details about the cast of the latest Netflix series.

The drama is currently the most watched title on the streaming service, and stars Julia Garner as a con artist Anna DelphiAnd his real name Anna Sorokin.

It tells the true story of Sorokin, a socialite in his 20s who manages to emerge as a wealthy German heiress under an assumed name in New York City.

Sorokin successfully cheated her friends and big bankers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars before being convicted of fraud and grand theft.

Netflix users have been watching the series by the millions since its release earlier this month – however, they couldn’t help but notice one detail about the cast members.

Many point out that several previous instinct anatomy And the scandal The stars appear thanks to Shonda Rhimes, who created all three shows.

“I just started Anna’s creation One viewer wrote, “One thing about Shonda is that she will keep her staff employed,” and another added, “Shonda Rhimes does not recycle actors from instinct anatomy about Anna’s creation. “

Another fan said, “She always repurposes some actors ashen‘with a sardonic viewer: ‘Were the transmission requirements for Anna’s creationmust have appeared in scandal? “

former ashen Stars Kate Burton (Ellis Gray) and Marika Domicic (Dr. Elisa Minnick) appear in the series. Burton also played Vice President Sally Langston in scandal Together with others Anna’s creation Cast members are Katie Louise (Queen Perkins) and Jeff Perry (Cyrus Penny).

Perry also appeared in ashen As Meredith’s father, Thatcher.

Julia Garner in ‘Inventing Anna’ on Netflix


Anna’s creation Available to stream on Netflix now.

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