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According to American experts, what about the quick and omigron when the mutation is detected


Quick test with Use a mop to take a sample from the nose, It can not be detected reliably Omigron variant Within the first few days of infection, according to the U.S. Epidemiologist, manufacturers in the United States must obtain permission to allow users to safely collect a sample from the larynx. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expressed concern about the safety of the larynx sample without the supervision of an expert. Carriers can transmit Omicron When the throat and saliva are affected, Dr. at a press conference that if the sample is taken from the nose while the virus is still in the nose, it will not detect the infection. Michael Mina is a former professor at the Harvard School of Public Health and is now a senior colleague at eMed.

“Quick detection when the virus reaches the nose”

They were analyzed in a study published Wednesday on medRxiv Cases of 29 employees Areas “High riskVictims of the Omicron variant and those who underwent parallel PCR and antigen testing on different dates. Molecular tests (PCR) detected the virus on average three days before rapid nasal sampling tests were positive. ⁇While some may be negative for a rapid antigen test, they may already have a high viral load and pass it on to others.“- says Blythe Adamson, head of research at New York-based Infectious Economics LLC.

One Positive antigen testing is very reliable, Notes from his side Mr. Mina and Advice: “If you have symptoms, assume you are positive“, But wait until a few days before the antigen test takes place. Quick tests”Find Omigron well“, It just reached the nose now, he explained.

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