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Zhelensky: Russia is trying to create a “fake state” in Ukraine


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky He said Russia was trying to create new “pseudo-democracies” to divide Ukraine, noting that Russian forces did not have the strength or attitude to seize the country. In his message, the Ukrainian president acknowledged that Russian forces were trying to sideline local authorities in order to provide the appropriate legal cover for their plan to secede the occupied territories.

Posting the video on his social media accounts on Saturday night, Zhelensky called on parts of Ukraine, including the Russian-occupied Gershon, not to repeat the hidden Donetsk and Luhansk experience. Recognized before invading the country.

Where Russia occupies dreams is impossible

Zhelensky said: “The occupiers in the Kherson region are trying to repeat the tragic experience of creating a pseudo-democracy.

“They are blackmailing local leaders, pressuring MPs, and looking for someone to bribe.”

City councilors in the southern city of Kherson, home to 290,000 people, rejected plans for a new pseudo-democracy on Saturday, Zelenski added.

We can not be defeated by the Russian invaders. They have no such power. They do not have such a spirit. They are only treated with violence. They rely on terrorism and weapons.

But the invaders could not provide a perspective on ordinary life. So people can be happy and dream. They can not normalize life naturally! “Where Russia occupies a foreign country, dreams are impossible.”

Appointed mayor of Melidopoli

Following Volodymyr Zelensky’s comments, the Russian military reportedly appointed a new mayor in the occupied southeastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol on Friday afternoon following reports of the abduction of elected mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Zhelensky had previously claimed that Fedorov had been abducted and detained by a group of 10 armed men of Russian forces. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called Fedoro’s custody “kidnapping” and “war crime.”

The new mayor of Melidopolis, Galina Donilchenko, is believed to be a former municipal council member, according to the website of the regional administration of Zaporizhia and broadcast by the Ukrainian media, CNN and the BBC.

Recommendation for peace, order and security

Donilchenko is said to have appeared as acting mayor on local television, where he issued a statement saying “his main task is to take all necessary steps to bring the city back to normalcy”.

He said there were still people in Melitopolis who were “destabilizing the situation and inciting revenge.”

“I urge you to keep the brakes safe and not succumb to these challenges,” Donilchenko said. “I appeal to representatives at all levels elected by the people.” Since you are elected by the people, it is your duty to care for the welfare of your citizens. “

“This team will be responsible for administrative responsibilities in the Melidopolis area,” he added.

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