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White House: Ukraine on the brink of war


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War cries are heard on its borders Of Ukraine, According to the White House. The US Secretary of State is rushing to Kiev today Anthony Blingen, To hold talks with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, But with U.S. embassy staff to expand the emergency program if tensions escalate. With the Russian representative during yesterday’s conversation Sergei Lavrov, US Secretary of State has called on Moscow to defuse the situation by withdrawing its military units from the border with Ukraine.

German pressure on Russia

Possibility to cancel Russian gas pipeline operation to Germany Nort Stream 2 President Olaf Salts opened yesterday in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“It is clear that (Russia) will be called upon to pay a higher price. If there is a military intervention in Ukraine, everything will be in question,” Souls said when asked about the future of the pipeline after a meeting with him yesterday. . NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg In Berlin. The two men called on Moscow to reduce the number of its troops near the Ukrainian border.

The German Foreign Minister went in the same direction Analena Berbaugh, Met with his Russian Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow yesterday. “If energy is used as a weapon, it could have consequences for the pipeline,” Barbach told a joint Lavrov news conference after their mutual talks. However, he did not fail to point out the importance of relations with the Russian Federation for the new federal government of Social Democrat President Olaf Solts. During his first visit to the Russian capital, the German diplomatic leader from the Green Party wore a wreath at the Unknown Soldier’s Memorial, while he underscored the “historical depth” of relations between the two in his statements. Great European powers.

“If energy is used as a weapon, it could have repercussions on the pipeline,” German Foreign Minister Analena Berbok told a joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks in Moscow. (EPA / Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

For his part, Sergei Lavrov responded to Burbok’s warnings in Berlin that “attempts to politicize the pipeline were counterproductive” and stressed that the dialogue that began last week with the United States and its allies would continue only if firm answers were given. Claims for “reliable, legally binding security guarantees” over NATO non-expansion. He also called on Germany and France to press Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky to implement the Minsk peace agreements signed by his country, and said Moscow would welcome US involvement in the Ukraine peace talks. Sergei Lavrov then spoke by phone with his US envoy, Anthony Blingen, to discuss the possibility of new US-Russian consultations following what happened last week.

Moscow welcomes US involvement in Ukraine talks, says Lavrov

Exercises in Belarus

Russian troops began landing in Belarus to enroll in planned high schools in both countries, increasing the concentration of Russian troops on its western border near Ukraine.

His assessment that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was unrealistic was revealed yesterday by Tayyip Erdogan. Speaking to reporters accompanying him to Albania, the Turkish president, who has good relations with both Moscow and Kiev, said he would like to discuss the Ukraine issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Why are the families of Russian ambassadors leaving?

Russia announced yesterday that its embassy in Kiev was operating as usual, in an indirect response to the release of New York TimesAccordingly, from the beginning of the year the families of workers at the Russian Embassy in Kiev and the Russian Embassy in various Ukrainian cities began to leave Ukraine. The post questioned whether the withdrawal was a propaganda, a sign of readiness for war or a lie. “It could be the third,” the NYT said, adding that the Russian announcement was not exactly a denial, but both could have gone well: relatives of the Russian ambassadors had left Ukraine and the embassy was operating normally. According to the report, about 50 people have left the embassy in Kiev and the embassy in Liv in western Ukraine. Embassy officials at the other two embassies were also ordered to prepare to leave. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Russian visits to Ukraine had “become targets of local extremists” but were operating normally.

If Russia chooses expansion, there are other options than classic hostilities, for which it is preparing by mobilizing troops around Ukraine.

Digital war

Last week, Ukrainian ministries came under cyber attack, while Microsoft discovered that more powerful digital saboteurs than had been implemented last week had been installed on Ukrainian information systems and were inactive.

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin described Russia’s response as “unbalanced, rapid and drastic” as a threat to Russia’s “basic security interests.” In November, the Russian president pointed out that if Western nations insisted on opening arms near the Russian border, it could send supersonic missile submarines within firing range from Washington.


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