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What activities will be discontinued this week – how close to complete lifting and default


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The return to normalcy seems to be approaching, and scientists are now directly looking at further relaxation Meters And their gradual removal.

When Many European countries are taking action against the corona virusAnnouncing (or wanting to give) an “informal” end to the epidemic, Greece is not exactly at this point, but it seems to be beginning to align itself – albeit slowly – in this direction.

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What the panel of experts will consider on Wednesday

That is the truth Hard indicators are highHowever, despite the small size, an expansion seems to be lacking.

However, experts seem optimistic and are preparing to consider the next steps to return to normal.

Therefore, at its meeting next Wednesday 16/2, the panel of experts It is aimed at new relaxation activities in catering, entertainment and stadiumsWhat happens at carnival events will be explored.

It should be noted, however, that any relaxation would be worrisome Mainly for vaccinated citizens.

The next steps to return to normal

In particular, the steps considered by the panel of experts at this stage, aired by SKAI, are as follows:

a) Let the standers focus and watch the fun,

b) Holding some festival events, but not marching (protocol is something to be discussed) and

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c) To increase the occupation of the grounds on a case-by-case basis.

At the same time, according to the same statement, All restrictions on those vaccinated are expected to be lifted by the end of March.

Flavris: “We need to gradually return to normal.”

In fact, it was announced that the situation would gradually return to normal Minister of Health, Thanos FlavrisSpeaks “Free Press on Sunday”.

“Key discussion with other EU health ministers is that the Omigran mutation is dangerous, but we need to gradually return to normal in the absence of the morbidity of the delta mutation.” Thanos Flavris specifically emphasized in an interview.

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“Let’s gradually move to the point where the mask is no longer mandatory outside”

For his part, Oh Gigas MajorginisAssistant Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Athens, gradually told the ERT We will go to the point where it is not mandatory to wear a mask outside, but those who are vulnerable or not vaccinated should wear it. “The mask is mandatory. There is one more recommendation.”He insisted.

Speaking of those who have not been vaccinated, Mr. Majorkins make up a large percentage of the population “There is still resistance to the vaccine.”

However, referring to those who have been vaccinated, he said the restrictions should be phased out as soon as possible. “For those who have not been vaccinated, we look forward to seeing how we can reverse some of the restrictions and see how death and the associated pressures in the NSS move.” That means mitigation measures will be conditional.

“In the summer we will be completely different”

At the same time, he spoke of a gradual return to normalcy over the summer Rector of EKPA Thanos DimopolosTalks with SKAI.

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“In the coming months, considering the change in weather, the vulnerability to the virus in almost everyone and the small booking that there will be no new strain that does not change the prognosis, I hope we can be fully in the summer. Different.” The professor insisted.

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