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Ukraine-Putin crisis: Moscow ready to find “diplomatic solutions” with Western countries


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President of Russia Vladimir Putin Today it was reaffirmed its readiness to find “diplomatic solutions” with the West to defuse the crisis. UkraineHowever, he stressed that his country’s interests and security were “subject to negotiation.”

“Our country is always open to direct and honest dialogue Finding diplomatic solutions For more complex problems. However, our interests and the safety of our citizens are not ours to negotiate. “ Putin insisted in a televised speech on the eve of his day Defender of the motherland.

Putin described Russia as a “threat to Russia” from “deregulation” and “NATO military operations” and reiterated that his country’s concerns were “unanswered.” At the same time, it promised to continue to improve the capabilities of the Russian military and navy with “advanced digital technologies” and artificial intelligence and “supersonic” weapons. Russia has developed supersonic missiles in recent years, which it describes as “invincible” capable of overtaking any existing air defense system. It has also been repeatedly accused of launching widespread cyber attacks and misinformation campaigns against its adversaries.

New development of Russian military vehicles in Belarus

At a time when the Russian president is talking about “diplomatic solutions” that his country is ready to find, D.Satellite images record the new development of more than 100 military vehicles and the setting up of dozens of tents for military personnel in the south. Belarus, Near the eastern border UkraineAmerican private company Maxar announced.

Pictures released by the company, Has been systematically monitoring the recent accumulation of Russian forces Around the Ukrainian border, there is no way they can be independently verified by the Reuters news agency.

New: Russia has deployed more than 100 vehicles and dozens of troop tents in southern Belarus, less than 25 miles from Ukraine.

President Biden said today that Russia would continue to move troops to Belarus despite the deadline to complete the exercises this weekend.

????:Maxar pic.twitter.com/G54gy6UP3B

– Jack Detsch (JackDetsch) February 22, 2022

The company also said a propaganda hospital would be set up next to a camp in the west RussiaNear the Russian-Ukrainian border. Trucks used to transport heavy vehicles such as tanks, self-propelled guns and other equipment were also found along the border, and additional military units were always found in the mixer.

New: Russia has been cleaning up large areas and placing military units in clean-up and industrial areas for the past 48 hours, according to satellite imagery.

This is near Pocheb, Russia, where tents and military vehicles are expected to attract more troops.

????:Maxar pic.twitter.com/u4jNWe8mYu

– Jack Detsch (JackDetsch) February 23, 2022

Putin’s new ideas have come amid a “red alert” in Washington, Moscow, New York, Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris. Under the weight of storm development, it held an extraordinary meeting yesterday UN, “Russia threw away the mask,” he concluded. Support for Ukraine’s regional integration was unanimously provided by the seven strongest economies on the planet (G7) at the same time, while NATO is in the air, while waiting “Russia’s Large-scale Attack on Ukraine”.

We do not want a war with Russia. “

Announcing sanctions on the Russian side, the US President spoke “A blatant violation of international law“, For this “We demand a global response from the international community.”, Write. He appeared in the hope of possibility Russian attack In Ukraine, how to comment “If he did not want to carry out the attack, he would not have mobilized tens of thousands of soldiers and weapons on the Ukrainian border, taken bottles of blood and set up a hospital in the area.”

“We do not want a war with Russia. I make it clear that our actions are defensive.” At the same time, Joe Biden made it clear to Moscow. “But we want to send a message: the United States, along with our allies, will protect every inch of NATO.

A few hours after the US president’s speech – the intensification of the US reaction was revealed by the cancellation of the meeting of the US Secretary of State. Anthony Blingen With his Russian counterpart, Sergei LavrovDespite the welcome of the White House tenant, the communication channels between the two countries should remain open.

Head of American Diplomacy Anthony Blingen Following Moscow’s recognition of the two self-proclaimed republics of the separatists in eastern Ukraine as independent states, it announced that it would not meet with its Russian envoy tomorrow, as planned, on Thursday. “Now we see that the invasion has begun and that Russia has clearly rejected diplomacy. There is no point in meeting at this point.” Mr Blinken told a joint news conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kouleba.

We will not allow Russia to use diplomacy as a cover, while at the same time accelerating its path to conflict and war.“However, the US Secretary of State has said he is ready to continue his diplomatic efforts “If Russia is willing to take proven verifiable measures to the international community (…), it will intensify aggression and find a diplomatic solution.”

“If Moscow changes its behavior, I am ready to discuss,” he added. But Russia “must show that it is serious. The last 24 hours have been the opposite,” he stressed.

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