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Steve Hilton Says President Biden To Be Investigated As He ‘Lied’ About His Role In Hunter’s Business Dealings


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Stephen Glenn Charles Hilton, known by his professional name, Steve Hilton is a British political commentator and former political adviser. Hilton has even worked as director of the strategy for British Prime Minister David Cameron from 2010 – 2012. He has hosted The Next Revolution, weekly current affairs show for Fox News, and is a proponent of “positive populism” as he calls it. 

Lately, Hilton has proclaimed in his show, The Next Revolution, that US President Joe Biden must be investigated. He believes that Biden has lied about his part in Hunter’s(Biden’s son) business dealings and even with the evidence of his corruption in their family enterprise, the White House refuses it. Not only that, the major media houses are not even bothered to interfere in the matter. 

Steve Hilton Hits President Biden After A Leaked Voice Mail

Earlier this month, a recording of the voicemail message of December 12, 2018, from Joe Biden to his son, Hunter has been released by the media. The message clearly reveals Biden’s attempt to comfort his son about the article which has been published in the New York Times. The article disclosed Hunter as having a good and clear personality.      

As per the reports, it is known that Hunter is having some kind of business relationship with a notorious Chinese criminal Ye Jianming. He operated the Chinese state-owned oil giant, CEFC, and is also doubted to have a connection with Beijing’s intelligence agency, before he was uncovered as a fraud and vanished.

From the article, Ye is considered an unethical hustler who went overseas and made connections with powerful people around the world to widen his business liking.   

Steve Hilton Says President Biden To Be Investigated As He ‘Lied’ About His Role In Hunter's Business Dealings

According to the latest updates, Hunter Biden is known to have a close relationship with Ye and it was made clear when James Biden, Joe’s brother received the first call as Ye’s top lieutenant was arrested by the U.S authorities. And when asked about the incident, James said that he thought the call came by mistake and was meant for Hunter. 

From the voicemail, it could be clear that Joe and Hunter were so much concerned about the article which was going to be published. Also, they feared the possible fallout that can be caused by the article. The voice message began by addressing himself and then said that it was 8.15 on Wednesday night. Joe even made sure that nothing serious had happened and he just wanted to talk to him.

He even asked him to call back if he gets time. The voice message continued by saying that the article which was released online will be printed the next day in the Times, and is good. He even says that he thinks Hunter is pictured clear and again asks him to call back if he gets free. From this voice message, it is evident that the father and the son had discussed the article earlier. 

President Biden Denied His Involvement In His Son’s Business

This voicemail was forwarded before the presidential campaign and when asked about his involvement in his son’s business dealings, the current U.S president has denied his association in any business dealings with his son. 

Everyone including Biden’s allies in the White House along with the media is trying their level best to hide the corruption list of the current president and his family. Not only Biden’s son, Hunter but also other family members like Joe’s brothers James and Frank are part of several cash corruptions during Joe’s years in politics.

This includes remunerative contracts linked to America’s military presence in Iraq to telecom contracts in the Caribbean. And the common thing that exists in the Biden family is that all these family members have zero qualifications to access these remunerative schemes. The only thing that makes them eligible is their closeness to the prevalent and well-connected relative.     

While talking about all these family corruptions we can’t consider Joe as a mere victim of his son’s illegal schemes and business dealings. But rather he is a direct beneficiary of the corruption as he has been depending on his public service for private financial gain, and can be called the head of the Biden family corruption racket.  



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